Maryland Watch: Montgomery County’s Own Tom Perez Named New U.S. Labor Secretary

On Monday, President Barrack Obama named Montgomery County’s own Tom Perez to be the next U.S. Secretary of Labor. In going over his qualifications, the President spoke glowingly about Tom Perez’s ability as a consensus builder and that he has worked with a wide variety of people including CEOs, labor leaders and at the county, state and federal level. One group that Tom Perez has never worked with: Republicans.

Mr. Perez, who had worked for both Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton during the 1990s, began elected politics as a Montgomery County Councilman where as you may be shocked to learn there was only one Republican, and he didn’t last long. Perez went to run for Attorney General in 2006 but friends of Doug Gansler challenged his standings as being a lawyer long enough per the Maryland Constitution and got him successfully kicked off the ballot. Perez had to then wait around for Governor O’Malley to win, and was then named Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation for Maryland.

As with his time on the County Council, as Maryland DLLR Secretary there was no need to work with Republican legislators on anything. After the election of President Barrack Obama, Perez moved back to the Department of Justice and became the head of the Civil Rights division where he successfully sued states to stop those pesky voter ID laws, and failed to tell the whole truth about the politicization of the Civil Rights division.

Republicans don’t like Tom Perez. He’ll face an uphill battle in DC where Republicans sort of matter, but it won’t be enough to scuttle his nomination. The one case they will continually point to is the dropping of the New Black Panther voter intimidation in Philadelphia. Perez claimed that the political appointees weren’t involved in the decision to drop the case and that the decision was made by career professionals. When later confronted with e-mails in which the career professionals asked the political employees for advice, he said that didn’t constitute being “involved”.

Tom Perez will lead the Department of Labor with a heavy focus on the needs of organized labor. He won his primary to the Montgomery County Council thanks to the help of the AFL-CIO. It’s not that he owes them, it’s that the two of them see eye to eye and that’s why they backed him. This will be no change for the Obama Administration as Hilda Solis was loved by the AFL-CIO as well and was the first Hispanic in Obama’s cabinet.

With this new position for Perez’s political career, he will be a force in future elective politics since he obviously has the desire for that type of work. Whether he would attempt to come back and try to win Attorney General again, open to Lt. Governor, or if we would set him up to become a future Senator for Maryland, I have no doubt that this new position will be a continuation of large career… as long as he shaves that dirty looking goatee.


  1. Cathy says

    Perez will be a disaster to this country as Secretary of Labor. He will try and force companies to hire minorities without them being qualified. He does not want employers to be able to check to see if a prospective employee was a convicted felon. He does not care about the average working citizen; he only wants to push his agenda. An editorial in Investor’s Business Daily profiles this man. Of course, coming from Montgomery County and ultra-liberal Maryland should tell you all you need to know about Perez. Obama continues to restrict employment in this country through his political appointees and his policies. The real unemployment rate is 14% in this country if you count those who have given up seeking employment and those working in part-time jobs who want full-time jobs. It will only get worse under Obamacare as many companies will keep their employment level below 50 and others will change their employees to part-timers.

    Hats off to all of you who voted to put Obama back in office. He is well on his way to destroying the country.

  2. W.T.F.? says

    Cathy, please quit your whining. It’s amazing how an “armchair quarterback” like you can predict what Perez will do in his new position AND what he’ll attempt in his future. As far as Maryland being “ultra-liberal, GREAT! I love living, working and enjoying the ammenities that this state provides (natural and man made). I suspect that folks like you can (and should) move along just as soon as you can, and maybe another like minded ultra-liberal family (like mine) will move in to your former home, making ultra-liberal Maryland just a little bit MORE liberal……YEAH!!!!!! :)

    • nobama-nomalley says

      WTF: if we all left the state, who would support you and your fellow teat-suckers? and if you really think its that impossible to predict what Perez will do, then you’re a true liberal: clueless but loud and shrill.

    • Brianc says

      WTF It’s funny you tell us to leave the state… Basically you’re saying, ” hey you’re different, so get out!!” Isn’t that prejudice, racist, not PC, and all the other things you think conservatives stand for…….. everyone say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

    • Little Johnny says

      Spoken in true liberal fashion… make no salient points to support your argument or to answer the other persons points… go offensive. Insult, belittle and attempt to marginalize their statements. It’s so incredibly predictable it becomes oh, so boring… Your insults aren’t even amusing or imaginative. We get it, you like illegals, guns frighten you because loud noises make you pee a little, you like getting hand outs and you want someone to take care of you from the cradle to the grave like a good mommy. Is it so wrong that some of us don’t need a trophy just for showing up?

    • Liberty Lover says

      Sounds like someone’s had one too many Bombay Sapphire and tonics. Ten points to any Dagger followers who get the reference.

  3. 152 Guy says

    Maybe the guy should change his name to “Spelling Watcher.” Then he wouldn’t refer to the President as “Barrack” Obama.

  4. Justice says

    Perez is an ultra-liberal in the mold of O’Malley and Obama. He will carry out the strategy of circumventing Congress and the law by administrative rules.

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