Friends of Harford: How Does a Bare Piece of Ground Get Turned into Buildings? Can the Public Influence What Happens?

From Friends of Harford:

Friends of Harford is expanding our public outreach via email with “FOH Alerts” for time sensitive actions and with less frequent “News & Views from FOH” for general information and FOH positions. We have issued several “FOH Alerts”. This is our first “News & Views”. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities contained in these messages to influence what happens in your community. FOH is providing this information as a public service. If you wish to share it, please do! We welcome your participation and support.

Friends of Harford Annual Report for FY 2012. Friends of Harford (FOH) is proud to be “The Citizens Voice for Responsible Land Use”. We support communities with information specific to their land use issues including traffic safety, environmental and quality-of-life concerns. We are a citizen-friendly source of information on land use issues, zoning, and development processes and procedures. Read about our efforts last year.

A Citizen’s Guide to the Harford County Property Development Process by Friends of Harford. How does a bare piece of ground get turned into buildings? Can the public influence what happens, and if so when and how? Read our quick summary. Save it on your computer to maintain live links to web pages with more information.