Harford County Awarded $867,000 HUD Grant to Combat Homelessness

From Harford County Government:

(Bel Air, MD) – Harford County was recently awarded nearly $867,000 in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) Program. This is approximately a 6% increase from last year’s funding and will account for the increased fair market rents.

“We are very pleased with HUD’s decision to increase CoC funding in Harford County, allowing us to give more to the nonprofits who serve our most vulnerable citizens,” stated Harford County Executive David Craig. “This funding is a critical part of our strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness in Harford County.”

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) recently published a statewide Point in Time analysis, which compared the recent results from each CoC’s Homeless Point in Time Count, which took place in January 2013. The data shows Harford County has 2% of the homeless population in the state and the county’s homeless population is declining. In 2011, Harford County counted 243 homeless individuals, compared to 166 in 2013, a decrease of 77 individuals.

“During this challenging budget climate, we must make certain that we don’t balance our books on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens,” stated U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan. “When we make even modest investments in these programs, we see a measurable decline in homelessness.”

The Harford County Department of Community Services’ division of Community Development administers Harford County’s Continuum of Care, competitively awarding this funding to local nonprofits to meet the needs of homeless clients. The grants fund a wide variety of programs from street outreach and assessment to transitional and permanent housing for homeless persons and families.

Please visit http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/services/community/doc/2166.pdf to view the Maryland Point in Time Analysis by Continuum of Care.


  1. says

    now maybe I will get the call ive been waiting for from the housing program!!! when I signed up in june 2012 I was told there was a year wait!!! then in sept 2012 I was put on the rap program which only last for one year and after that year is up it’s right back on the streets until your name gets called up!!! my body is in way to bad a shape to live on the streets and the heade of the housing program and david craig both know how bad my body is and that my body is way to bad to be living on the streets!!! the land lord I have now takes the section 8 program viouchers and has assured me that he has places for me to move into but I need the voucher first!!! like I said Ive lived here in the apt right now since sept of2011 and my land ord has NEVER HAD ANY COMPLAINTS AGAINST ME AND MY RENT IS PAID ON TIME EVERY MONTH and since ive been one of the best tenants he has ever had that he is more then willing to move me to a better apartment after my section 8 comes in!!!! so now thaty the county has the money I should be getting either a vall or letter in the mail asap to come in and get my section 8 paper work and voucher!!! I signed up on it 8 years ago and because of their fault they lost how to get in contact with me, so I was scrwed over and had to resign up in june of last year and was guaranteed that I would only have to wait a year to get my voucher thisw time!!!! so lets see what happens this time when I call them today and what lies I will be told this time!!! I REALLY DESPERATLY NEED SOMEONE FROM ALL THE LOCAL NEWS PAPERS AND TV STATIONS AND RADIO TO PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP TO HELP ME STOP BEING WALKED ALL OVER BY THESE STATE AGENCYS AND TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!!! SO IM PLEASE BEGGING ALL OF YOU TO PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! 410 SIX FIVE TWO 2451 THE NAME IS DENNIE WORKMAN AND AGAIN IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP FROM THE ALL OF THE LOCAL NEWS AND ANY CIVIL WORKERS THAT READ THE DAGGER!! IM BEGGING ALL OF YOU FOR HELP!! I ALSO HAVE ONE HELL OF A DISCRIMNATION CASE AGAINST THE HOUSING DEPT AND DAVID CRAIGS OFFICE!!!! SO AGAIN IM BEGGING ALL OF YOU TO CONTACT ME ASAP PLEASE BEFORE IM THROWN OUT ON THE STREET COME SEPT AND MY BACK AND BODY CANNOT AND WILLNIOT BEABLE TO HANDLE LIVING ON THE STREETS ANYMORE!!!! SO PKLEASE GET AHOLD OF ME ASAP!! ABND THE PHONE NUMBER I LEFT WAS ONLY FOR THOSE THAT CAN HELP ME, NLOT THE SMARTASSES ON HERE THAT LIKE TO HIDE BEHIND THEIR COMPUTER SCREENS AND JUAST WANT TO BE ARM CHAIR BULLYS!!!!!!

  2. Daddy drinks because you cry. says

    I looked for a discrimination case you have in the MD judiciary and I don’t see one, however I do see plenty of activity on your part mainly vs. women. Your FB page doesn’t really tell us much about your upstanding character.

  3. Fatty Pockets says

    I don’t know Dennie, and I’m not typically the voice of reason but it appears as though there are two men with the name Dennie Workman in MD. Senior and Junior. The only facebook page under that name would appear to be senior. The case search records are almost all listed as junior. I seriously doubt that the fellow with the facebook page was born in 1969.

    I’d be very interested in which Dennie Workman this it requesting the assistance.

  4. fiik says

    Let’s see, you have know place to live, but you have a computer and internet access. Section 8 for 8 years? Maybe if you had stayed in school, you would have enough of an education to get a job, like the rest of us and you could afford a place to live.

  5. fiik says

    Let’s see, you have no place to live, but you have a computer and internet access. Section 8 for 8 years? Maybe if you had stayed in school, you would have enough of an education to get a job, like the rest of us and you could afford a place to live.

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  7. tsa says

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