Del. Norman Attends American Legislative Exchange Council 40th Annual Meeting in Chicago

From Del. Wayne Norman:

More than 1,200 state legislators, business leaders, citizen groups and policy experts from around the country gathered in Chicago, Illinois Aug. 7-9 for the American Legislative Exchange Council 40th Annual Meeting. The three-day conference provided opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas and learn about the latest public policy trends and to share research in an academic setting. Among the attendees was Delegate Wayne Norman from Harford County, Maryland.

“The American Legislative Exchange Council provided resources and hosted discussions that helped educate me on today’s top policy issues,” said Delegate Norman. “Through educational workshops, task force meetings and speeches, the Annual Meeting provided opportunities for me to understand what is working in other states and what is not. This is a great way to help me learn more about what I can do to best serve my constituents.”

The Exchange Council is the country’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators. The organization fosters relationships between private and public sector members from around the country, and helps to develop best practice solutions on various state issues. The 40th Annual Meeting offered topics relating to environmental policy, education, health care and state fiscal reform, among others.

The conference provided attendees with opportunities to hear from notable speakers, including former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Iowa Governor and ALEC co-founder Terry Branstad, and former Maryland legislator, Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council is the largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States. The Council is governed by state legislators who comprise the Board of Directors and is advised by the Private Enterprise Advisory Council, a group of private, foundation and think tank members. For more information about the American Legislative Exchange council, please visit:


  1. Mr. Moderate says

    Good to see a legislator from Harford County becoming involved with the larger world. To get anywhere in the world of politics, our political representatives need to study the broader issues and avoid the insular approaches for which Harford County’s delegates, sadly, are known. Let’s hope this organization is truly the “largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States.”