Monaco/Pangratz: Scholarship SNAFU, State Investigation Lead to Possible Revocation of Harford County Council PTA Charter

From Sandra Monaco, Former President of HCCPTA, and Lora S. Pangratz, Harford Technical High School PTSA President:

Dear Editor:

As recent news and personal experience have made us all well aware, many changes in the Harford County Public School System (HCPS) are taking place. Across the county students and parents are coping with altered elementary schedules, elimination of bus routes, consolidation of bus stops that require lengthy walks (often on streets without sidewalks), and the implementation of pay-to-play fees for afterschool athletic and club activities. Over the summer HCPS committees met to discuss other changes, often without inviting parents or students to the table. If ever families needed an advocate for issues in education, it is now.

Since the end of May, the Harford County Council PTA (HCCPTA) has been silent as its Board of Directors (BOD) have been distracted by other matters: disregarding its published scholarship criteria to award a scholarship to the President’s daughter, then redirecting funds to create a special monetary award for the daughter, and later undergoing a subsequent investigation of these and other actions by Maryland PTA. While some of these matters have since been resolved, the majority of the BOD recently voted to reject a recommendation set forth by Maryland PTA. The findings of Maryland PTA also included stern warnings about unethical behavior and references to its authority to revoke HCCPTA’s charter. As HCCPTA resumes business as usual, its members throughout the county mostly remain ignorant of the events, as well as the noncompliant actions that HCCPTA takes in their name.

It is time for the story to be told.

In May, the HCCPTA Scholarship Committee selected five recipients for its Betty Bull Scholarship Award ($500 each). While the President’s daughter was an applicant, she was not one of the scholarship recipients. On May 27, the President, Sue Parks, sent an email to the members of the HCCPTA BOD announcing her resignation, writing: “It has become painfully obvious that my duty to family can no longer co-exist with my duty of loyalty to this organization and its board.” A few days later she forwarded her resignation to the entire Board of Directors at Maryland PTA.

On June 4, the HCCPTA BOD met. Per her resignation letter, Ms. Parks was on hand to surrender all records in her possession to the Board. The minutes of this meeting reflect that, Ms. Parks “was asked if this {her resignation} could be revisited and {she} indicated that it could but that she was unlikely to change her mind. {Ms. Parks} was asked what prompted her resignation and she described her concerns regarding her perception of the ethics of giving PTA money to non-PTA schools. In particular she felt the Betty Bull service award should place PTA service foremost, so how can a non-PTA school meet this criteria. She also told the board that this concern was amplified given how much service her daughter gave yet she was not recognized.” (sic)

However, there are no such requirements mentioned in the Betty Bull Scholarship application {available at}. In fact the application only requires that students produce “a copy of the students PTA/PTSA membership card, or the parent’s or legal guardian’s membership card…” As long as the student or parent/guardian belongs to any PTA, the student is eligible to apply for the scholarship. It is also important to note that in 2012 HCCPTA’s Scholarship Committee awarded a Betty Bull Scholarship to a student from the very same school that Ms. Parks questioned. The June 4 meeting minutes then reflect that a majority of the Board of Directors (with the President abstaining) voted to “adjust the ranking to adequately reflect the Betty Bull Award service goals. Accordingly the Board of Directors directs to award the fifth scholarship to {the daughter} instead of {student from the high school with no PTA}.”

The following day, on June 5, Ms. Parks withdrew her resignation via email.

As word of the majority of the Board of Directors’ actions spread, complaints were made to both HCCPTA and to the President of Maryland PTA. On June 24, the HCCPTA BOD held a special meeting. The minutes of this meeting reflect that the Board voted to “rescind the motion to award {the daughter} a scholarship in place of {the original award recipient}. “ Another motion was made in which “HCCPTA award {the daughter} a special act award in the amount of $500.00 for her exemplary service” (to the HCCPTA Board). Another motion was then made to move money from the line item in the budget that typically covers Board training to “Recognition Awards.”

Concerned PTA members, including three dissenting HCCPTA Board of Directors, contacted Maryland PTA to investigate not only the scholarship/awards decisions and Ms. Parks resignation, but also the attempt to remove several people from the BOD on the grounds that they had not the sufficient experience to serve in their capacities; and the legality of the Board seeking on June 24 an absent board member’s vote by telephone, when in fact the HCCPTA Bylaws state “The bylaws of this council PTA shall prohibit voting by proxy, mail (including electronic communication), or absentee.” {HCCPTA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 6}

Maryland PTA conducted an investigation and, in its Report dated August 10, recommended three actions: 1) “the scholarships should be kept as originally presented by the scholarship committee”; 2) Ms. Parks had resigned her position on May 27, and, “as stated in Article VI, Section 5 of the HCCPTA bylaws, general membership shall be notified of the vacancy in the office of the president and a special meeting of the general membership be called to elect a president”; and 3) the nominating committee “should be trained in the eligibility requirements for officers before setting out to pick a slate in the future.” The report also reiterated that voting by telephone was prohibited by the HCCPTA Bylaws.

The HCCPTA Board of Directors met on August 26 to review the recommendation of its parent organization and drafted its response to Maryland PTA: “In summary, HCCPTA Board of Directors does not agree with the interpretation that Sue Parks’ resignation as President ever took effect. Accordingly, it is our position that Ms. Parks is and remains President of HCCPTA, and we are resuming the business of the organization.”

It is our belief that for the last few months the majority of the HCCPTA BOD has violated its three Fiduciary Duties to the organization, as imposed by the courts and by state and local statutes. PTA officers and volunteers are provided training in these duties, and the HCCPTA BOD has utilized training material that describes these duties as:

* The Duty of Obedience requires that board members “obey the mission and purpose of PTA and the applicable laws of the organization as set forth in the bylaws.”

* The Duty of Loyalty demands that Board members “give their undivided loyalty to the mission and purpose of PTA”, that they “not take advantage of the organization for their own gain”, and that they “should help to further the goals of the organization.”

* The Duty of Care obligates members “to set in good faith, and prudently, the best interests of the organization” and “members should also exhibit fair dealing, openness and honesty while being alert to potential problems”.

In addition, during the training session entitled “ABCs of Boards”, all officers are reminded that they must ensure that “the membership is well-informed and clearly focused on the PTA mission,” and they are directed to follow their Bylaws.

We believe the recent actions of the majority of the HCCPTA Board have rendered it at odds with its parent organization (Maryland PTA); have called into question its credibility to train its members on the practices and principles of PTA; and have violated the members’ trust that published policies, procedures and Bylaws will be followed, and that all dues money will be used in a manner consistent with the wishes of its members.

These missteps of the Council in no way reflect the extraordinary accomplishments and dedication of the 49 PTAs and PTSAs working in our school buildings. These individual organizations serve as a powerful voice for the children in their communities and their efforts are exemplary.

A Council exists to unite its local PTAs, and is supposed to provide guidance, training, and the coordination of the efforts of all its members. If the HCCPTA Board of Directors continues to keep its membership in the dark and maintains its right to reject and violate the Bylaws and practices of National and Maryland PTA, we ask that these Board Members resign their positions and allow those who believe in the purpose and mission of PTA and the power of parent advocacy to lead. There are many volunteers within this community willing to lend their expertise, their voice, and their time to assist the children and parents of Harford County.

United Behind “Every Child. One Voice”,

Sandra Monaco
Former President, HCCPTA, 2010-2012
Former Member, HCCPTA Scholarship Committee, 2010-2012
Current Maryland PTA Scholarship Committee Member
Current Maryland PTA Awards Committee Member

Lora S. Pangratz
Harford Tech PTSA President

September 8, 2013

Anyone wishing to express their concerns or examine the documentation should contact Maryland PTA at:

Editor’s Note: Dagger contributing editor Cindy Mumby served on an HCCPTA committee until June 14 when she resigned in protest over the actions of the board of directors.


  1. concerned pta member says

    Thank you to Ms. Monaco and Ms. Pangratz for bringing this to light. I find the actions of the current HCCPTA Board described here to be incredibly unethical and extremely disappointing, not to mention in direct contradiction to the purposes and mission of PT(S)A. I hope the state is able to intervene and make things right. Harford County needs the voice of the PTA right now more than ever for the sake of our KIDS. @PTAKEY13

  2. Michael Blum says

    This is a very interesting and alarming situation, but it is also one that cries out for some background, not just the printing of a letter (interesting and revelatory though it is). For instance, please report on the following:
    1. What is the difference between a PTA and a PTSO?
    2. How many schools in HC have one or the other, or both?
    3. What types of activities in a school does a PTA or a PTSO typically handle?
    4. What, if any, is the relationship between the PTA/PTSO and the administration?

    I ask these questions because they are germane to the discussion. Having “scooped” everybody else, the Dagger editors should assign a reporter to this, and not simply rely on readers to provide the news.

  3. Sam Adams says

    Knowing the president personally from past dealings, I am not surprised at all by a major blowup over a petty amount being misdirected to her own child. Small people often create big problems over small things.

  4. Wendy Melick says

    I think that children of those involved shouldn’t even be eligible to apply for the scholarship. If one expects a cash payment for volunteering then perhaps it shouldn’t be called volunteering. It’s not like we are talking tons of money. So glad mrs Monaco brought this to our attention. The truth always prevails in the end as does ones true character.

  5. HDG Reader says

    I agree with Wendy Melick. Many organizations and companies do not allow employees/members and their children to apply for sponsored awards, and the PTA should be no exception. Glad to know there is someone there holding others accountable.

    • Concerned PTA member says

      I think the implementation of a blind judging would eliminate the potential for playing favorites. The issue here is that the decision made by the committee was overruled/changed by the president who never should have had any say in the matter. Eliminating Those “involved” in PTA defeats the purpose. One of the requirements of the scholarship applicants is that a parent be a pta member.

      • Kharn says

        Even blind judging is not sufficient, given how likely the potential judges are to know the leadership’s children and have an idea of what events they are involved in, which will either be on the application or relate to the student’s essay. Children of board members should be prohibited recipients.

  6. Sue Parks says

    I would like to set the record straight. This article contains many fallacies and libelous statements and if the Dagger is at all concerned with being a responsible news outlet, it should have checked the facts and interviewed all involved. The two parties listed were not present during any of the meetings nor are they members of the HCCPTA board so they have no personal knowlegdge of what occurred. Sandra Monaco-Burton resigned from her position and asked me to step into her place, even though I was not 1st VP at the time, as she was going through marital issues and told us she was leaving the state. We worked with her to get her through those times and the HCCPTA membership was kept in the dark about this as it went on for months. Apparently that was acceptable. HCCPTA does agree that there have been some fiduciary violations but we will disagree with who did those violations. I have no desire to get into the mud and sling lies as some former colleagues apparently do. HCCPTA has been in constant contact with Maryland PTA and I have personally spoken to Maryland PTA President who does not agree with any sanctions. He told us to continue work as normal. Those were his directions and we are following them. Our response to the letter from Maryland, which does not state that they will disband HCCPTA but instead offers suggestions, most of which we had already done, specifically sets forth the argument against one of the suggestions. That suggestion had no support in both the bylaws and in Robert’s Rules of Order, which is why our board chose to oppose that suggestion, since following it would be in violation of the rules. Maryland PTA has not responded to our response. While we did not take a public stand over the summer on the issues in HCPS, I worked behind the scenes with both parent groups and HCPS. We have also released a position statement to the Board of Education and the parent group working on this issue and I am presenting it tonight at the BOard of Ed meeting. Yet Ms. Monaco-Burton and Ms. Pangratz have not bothered to inquire to me about this. In fact, they have not contacted me at all and I was not even aware Ms. Monaco-Burton had returned to the state. As for Sam Adams, I do not know who that is so I am not sure how he states he has personally worked with me. I will state that Ms. Mumby was also not involved for any of the meetings or discussions and also does not have first hand knowledge of what has happened. Before people make assumptions and slander someone, perhaps they should actually get all the facts first. This may save future legal action as well as allowing HCCPTA to be able to deal with what matters- focusing on our students, instead of having to handle responding to sensationalism. I will be more than happy to release everything to the HCCPTA membership, many of whom actually do know what has been transpiring as I have had support from them these past several months. If anyone has any questions and would like to know what actually happened, they may feel free to contact me directly instead of going behind my back and making up stories.

    • PTA member says

      It would be easier to believe this side if there had been transparency earlier. None of the local PTAs I’ve talked to about this knew anything about what was going on. No updates on the website, no Published copies of the minutes that would detail what transpired. The fact of the matter is that local PTAs do not know what is going on. Local PTAs that are actually involved and do attend trainings and try to do the right thing at the local level. Why not just hold the election and let the membership speak?

      • Lora says

        No, in 2010 when my daughter was a senior I chose not to have her apply for this particular scholarship as I didn’t want anyone to think that she wasn’t worthy of it and only got it because her mother was an active local PTA President. I will not be allowing either of my 2 remaining children apply for this scholarship, either. Not because they are not worthy of it but because I don’t want a conflict of interest. And I’m not currently or have been on the county PTA board.

    • No Credibility says

      Ms. Parks: I began reading your comment and got as far as Ms. Monaco-Burton asking you to take her place due to her marital issues. What do her personal problems have to do with PTA matters? I don’t know you, I don’t have any kids in the school system, but to be so petty as to broadcast someone’s personal problems in an open forum is petty, childish and downright nasty. I don’t care to read anything further from that post or anything else you have to say because I have no respect for someone like you. Thank you Ms. Monaco and Ms. Pangratz to stand up for what is right and against someone like Ms. Parks.

      • Sam Adams says

        NC, if you stopped there then you missed her vieled threat of legal bullying for libel and slander. First she bullies the board for $500 and then she tries to bully forum participants. A simple apology and return of the money, and all would have been forgiven. But I guess that is too much to expect. Any person with an ounce of conscience would be mortified by such a public disclosure.

    • Sam Adams says

      Its nice to see that eventually your antics have caught up with you. Character always comes through and yours is coming through loud and clear.

    • "new" (unfunded) training says

      Ms. Parks,
      I find your inclusion of the details of Ms Monaco’s departure to be a poor reflection on your character. Anyone who takes on a roll of leadership should understand that it is a sense of appropriate discretion that makes you a trustworthy leader. The transparent pettiness of your post suggests you lack this quality. The personal information for which you choose to grasp is as irrelevant as someone attacking your years of service saying that your obesity negates any of your efforts.
      Regardless of any details of “who was there” and “what was said”, the fact remains that your child was the recipient of a $500 cash reward, fabricated with no input or disclosure to the membership to which you serve, and taken from a budget category that had been previously voted upon by the membership. If you can’t see that this could at the very least be perceived impropriety, I question your ability to be taken seriously on other matters. If other HCCPTA board members were complicit in this lack of judgement it is bad enough. The implication that there may have been some bullying of dissenting opinions is in my opinion criminal but hey, you’re the lawyer right? You tell me.
      At the very least I would expect that your board be able to tell the local PTA’s how to change approved budgets and award family members cash awards so that they can take advantage of the precedent you have set.

      • Ralph says

        Very well put!!!! What on EARTH is wrong with this woman? AND who on EARTH would buy any of the bile and irrelevant, baseless misdirection and irrelevancies that she spews (other than those three clueless board members that she apparently leads around by the nose). Let’s hope Maryland PTA has the brains and guts to put this fire out, and get rid of them so that we can back to work for our kids. Am I to understand that now her DAUGHTER has a vote on the HCCPTA board??? ( I believe that she claimed that the other nights in one of her posts). I hope I’m wrong on that one.
        This is so pathetic and embarrassing.
        All of the PTA’s/PTSA’s just need to resign from HCCPTA until those 4 are no longer associated with it.

  7. Another PTA Member says

    This is a perfect case of one person leading several fools. Get rid of the lot. Let’s start over and put our own biases aside.

  8. Watcher says

    So. Did you or did you not tender your resignation when your daughter was not awarded a scholarship? Was your daughter subsequently awarded a scholarship drawn from training funds. Did you or did you not, then withdraw your resignation?

    • PTSA Student says


      • An observer says

        PTSA Student:

        First, let’s pray that you’re not the daughter of Mrs. Parks. If so, and you got a scholarship in any amount, it’s money wasted.

        You could use a little help with your command of the English language. “Left the PTA to defend for themselves” – let’s see, you mean “fend,” not “defend.” And since the subject of your sentence is PTA and that is an organization and not a person, the correct usage would be “left the PTSA to fend for itself” – not “themselves.”

        Lets would actually be “let’s,” a contraction for “let us.”

        You’d do well to learn a little about proper comma usage, too. I’m sure these things are taught in Harford County Public Schools. Just as I’m sure they don’t teach students TO WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE IT’S A TEXT MESSAGE BETWEEN FRIENDS. OMG!

        Your use of the pejorative “shit” reeks of a small mind, still unformed, that thinks you can shock the world by using crass language – which, by the way, wasn’t used in the original letter that was published. Take note of that. It’s called the high road and you’re better to learn it sooner rather than later.

        But since it appears you missed the spelling, grammar and style lessons at your school, I’m sure you missed the home-based lessons on how to effectively argue your point, as well. Perhaps you should let the adults figure out this dilemma, because you’re clearly too emotional to weigh in with a constructive, well-reasoned opinion.

  9. Sam Adams says

    Sue, it appears you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. How sad and irresponsible. You will be resigning again for good because your work with this organization is done. Its a simple matter of trustworthiness.

    • Kharn says

      The only way it could appear worse for Ms Parks would be if her child pulled a Madonna/Prince/etc and used the name “Cash”

  10. PTA Member says

    Sue, I cannot believe what I am reading! What a cry baby, and what are you teaching your daughter?? You are a disgrace to HCCPTA and should be ashamed of your comments about Ms Monaco. Any ethical person would NOT have had his/her child apply. Then you play the childish game of “I will quit and then come back”. I actually have some other concerns if you behave this way professionally. You certainly have lost my respect, not to mention what I currently think of the HCCPTA. Really now, a “Special Act Award” AND in the same amount as the scholarship??? You and the BOD for HCCPTA are pitiful. Thank you Ms. Monaco and Ms. Pongratz. At least we know there are some ethical people out there.

    • concerned parent says

      I think she is teaching her daughter to stand up for what is wrong. If you knew what the daughter did you would give her a special award too.

      • PTA Member says

        Why would someone be awarded $$ for a special act? That is what certificates, proclamations, etc. are for …not cash in the same amount as the scholarship. Just saying, it’s not right.

        • PTSA Student says


      • Watcher says

        Sorry, but I volunteer a lot, including the local PTA. I would never think of having my child enter a contest that i might have undue influence over the decision of. And I am someone who WOULDN’T use my influence even if they were eligible. It appears that not only did she allow her child to enter the contest (ok, if it’s legal fine) she THEN attempted to alter the outcome with her position. I teach my kids that we volunteer for SELFLESS reasons. I expect NO compensation. I am compensated enough, knowing i am doing the right thing by helping out.

          • Archer says

            May I ask what grade are you in? You write and sound so uneducated!!! This concerns us all what planet did you roll off of?

          • watcher says

            Actually, as a dues paying PTA parent, the financial decisions of the board very much concerns me. You should be concerned with your poor communication and comprehension skills.

          • Brian says

            If you are the daughter all I can say is that was $500 wasted, you certainly do not belong in college. You need to go back and start high school all over again.

          • Cdev says

            Again it does concern me. I pay dues to be a member of my child’s PTA and my wife pays extra dues to be a member of her schools PTA. Part of that money goes to HCCPTA and that money was used t in this case. I have every right as a PTA member to expect it was used in the manner it was perscribed to be. It wasn’t and that bothers me!!!!!! It will cause me and others I am sure not to join the PTA this year and simply be supportive of my local schoolI will help out with local PTA efforts but will not join and pay dues. I will give money to my local PTA projects but not a dime will go up the chain to support this missappropriation of funds!

  11. Former PTA Member says

    I am personally familiar with Ms. Monaco’s tireless efforts on behalf of both her local and county PTA. Ms. Parks did say one thing correct; Ms. Monaco worked for months to ensure that her departure would not leave HCCPTA without leadership. The facts of Ms.Parks failure is this regard speak for themselves and are all a matter of public record. Please ask for them and see for yourselves. Then ask yourself, “Is this the kind of leadership we need guiding our future?” Ms. Monaco’s integrity and professionalism is beyond reproach and I wish to thank her for her tremendous courage in voicing the truth and her contribution to the future of our children. Bravo Zulu Ms. Monaco! Ms. Parks has shown herself to be petty and mean spirited by her very response to this article. Please do everyone a favor and step down gracefully; allow our PTA to elect new leadership and go on about the proper business of protecting all of our children.

  12. Brian Makarios says

    I didn’t think the use of the word “parent” was allowed any more in government schools. It is now my understanding that the accepted use is “guardian” or “adult” (as in “please take these papers home and have your guardian or adult sign them”).

    Is the word “parent” a word not in current use in our local government schools? Should not this organization be the GTA? Or the PATA (Pupil-Adult Teacher Association)?

      • Brian Makarios says

        Yes, apparently guardian is the accepted term. And I have heard that in some regions the terms are “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” or “Guardian 1” and “Guardian 2”. This is done, apparently, to satisfy the bringers of the new morality because that would dispense with male/female coupled parent options on a checkbox or form..

  13. LOL WTF says

    All this baby mama drama over a measly $500 scholarship?

    $500 is probably the costs of one text book.

  14. An active PTA; GTSA member says

    How very disappointing that an organization that TRAINS all new PTA board members would be so cavalier in its own duties. I would ask all those ‘adults ‘ serving on the BOD do what they know is right, resign and attempt to maintain some dignity.

  15. Huh? says

    Why would the current Maryland PTA president tell Ms Parks to basically ignore the letter of findings dated August 10? The same president of Maryland PTA was involved in both actions, the letter and the conversation Ms. Parks noted.

  16. BillH says

    Cassilly definitely needs to investigate this matter. Seems the PTA president thinks she is entitled to free money just because of who she is. I’m guessing there is alot more money that comes up suspiciously missing.

  17. Huh? says

    Some Maryland PTA board members have submitted their own child’s name for scholarships too at state level. Ethical? Nothing says they cannot. Someone needs to revisit this at council and state level.

  18. Cheri Wilson says

    I am a member of the HCCPTA Board, where I am the Vice President of Membership and a member of the HCCPTA Scholarship Committee. When I voiced my concerns to the Board about its actions regarding the scholarship, I was both insulted and subject to retaliation with the threat that I be removed from office since I did not meet the prerequisites for the office. [Of note, when the HCCPTA Board had 4 vacant vice president positions in January and was desperate to fill the seats, there was no mention of the officer prerequisites. In February, I along with the 3 other vice presidents (one has since resigned) were elected by the remaining Board members]. Seeing that this was a losing battle, I and several other concerned Board and PTA members contacted the Maryland PTA with our concerns, which triggered the investigation. Some may ask why I did not resign considering that I am a dissenting Board member. I naively and perhaps foolishly thought that by remaining, I could attempt to hold the Board accountable, an impossible task when one does not have enough votes to overturn unethical decisions.

    The concerns outlined by Ms. Monaco and Ms. Pangratz are well-documented. The local PTAs and the public deserve to know why the HCCPTA was unable to function over the summer and was notably absent from some of the most crucial conversations about the future of our school system. I encourage anyone who has questions or concerns to attend the HCCPTA General Membership meeting (followed by Fall Leadership Training) scheduled for Thursday, September 26, 2013 from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at Patterson Mill Middle/High School to review the documents in question. While I have a fiduciary responsibility to the HCCPTA Board, I also have a duty to not condone and support unethical behavior. Now that I have spoken publicly, please do not be surprised if I am asked to resign in a final act of bullying.

    • Sam Adams says

      Ms. Wilson, its takes guts to take on a bully and I applaud you going public with your comments. When the votes were taken to first award the scholarship and subsequently to make a special award, which board members voted for and against?

      • need full disclosure says

        How individual Board members voted needs to be made public. Accountability by every Board member is a must.

  19. parent says

    Amen Ms. Wilson. I commend your strength and honor. In addition to making personal attacks while claiming that she wants “her side of the story” to come out, do you think Ms. Parks will ever answer if whether any of the following are “fallacies”:
    -ms. Parks, the scholarship committee did not select your daughter for a scholarship
    -ms. Parks, you resigned
    -the board took one of the scholarships away from the original awardees and gave it to your daughter
    -you un-resigned
    -the board reinstated the scholarship to the original awardee and instead gave your daughter a special award of $500, taking it from another line item in the budget

    I guess this is the point where you, Ms. Parks, throw the weaklings on the board who didn’t have the brains, backbone or integrity to withstand your tantrum, under the proverbial bus.

  20. Sherry D. says

    I sat on the HCCPTA scholarship committee and the article posted by Ms. Monaco is 100% stated facts.
    Sue’s unethical tactics were waged without conscious or regard for her own self respect! My hope is that her unprofessional behavior on this board leads to a hearing judge and there all involved should testify to the truth as I will. For the record this article is 100% truthful.

  21. Archer says

    Sue sold her soul for $500! I guess she is asking herself… Was it worth it? Am I in this for personal/financial gain? Why didn’t I just let it be when my daughter wasn’t selected for a scholarship? I resigned so that I can have my way then when I got it.. I wanted to be president again… My family issues which is what I claimed is my reason for resigning magically disappeared for $500! How many hamburgers and French fries you think I got for $500?

  22. Whatever says

    I hope Ms. Parks is proud of herself. Pretty much brought down the reputation of the whole PTA of Harford County over a measly $500 bucks! She should be ashamed of herself – acting like a baby and taking a temper tantrum for a few hundred. I can’t believe the thought ever crossed her mind that her daughter should even be considered. Thanks Sue! Appreciate it! RESIGN and for good this time. CLEAN HOUSE & START OVER!

  23. Sam Adams says

    HCCPTA bills itself as the “Voice of every child in Harford County”. The real crime in this whole saga was that voice was silenced in one of the most difficult school budget periods I can recollect, all because the president and board of HCCPTA went AWOL while its malfeasance was being investigated. Obviously, Sue Park’s voice was reserved for only one child – her own. This dereliction of duty is reason enough for her removal. While I do believe she will tender her resignation (again) at the next board meeting if not sooner, the other board members need to be prepared to immediately remove her in the unlikely event she does not quit. Otherwise, they risk losing all credibility with the school communities. At this point HCCPTA looks like a joke. Its time for the adults in the room to take control.

  24. a very concerned local board member says

    I am a board member at a local PTA unit. I find it odd that money was appropriated from training to give a special award to a child of a board member, when training is exactly what is needed to prevent this type of action! It seems many board members have forgotten why they are there. “The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for ALL children.” Please step down if you have forgotten this. Please accept the MDPTA recommendation and hold a special election. Each and every member of a PTA/PTSA in Harford County, THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION! Please get involved. Contact the President of Maryland PTA to voice your concern! I am enraged by what I am reading. Ms. Monaco ran a well-respected unit during her tenure. I attended the absolute best training seminar under her leadership, which made the MDPTA training pale in comparison. I have lost trust in HCCPTA, but am very grateful for board members like Cheri Wilson who are fighting the good fight. And Ms. Parks…I find it odd that when I emailed you in August about a difficulty I was having getting an answer from emails to HCCPTA board members, you said you would (thankfully) forward my email to the appropriate person, but “that my term is finished” (to directly quote your email). You can understand that I was quite surprised to see you stand and address everybody last night at the Board of Education meeting as “President of HCCPTA”. Are you a lawyer? Did I hear that bit of information correctly? Please do the honorable thing and step down. Your reputation is on line, as well as the reputation of HCCPTA. Members…show up to the next HCCPTA meeting and make your voices heard!

    • PTA Mom says

      She is a mediator! But loves to threaten folks with lawsuits. Sadly she sees no wrong in what a mess this has turned out to be! All for $500.

  25. Sam Adams says

    The treasurer of HCCPTA needs to remember to issue the daughter a 1099-MISC for the special compensatory award. It is taxable you know since its not scholarship money.

    • PTB says

      Excellent point Sam. But it is my understanding that the treasurer was one of Ms.Parks puppet voters in this fiasco. So let’s not count too heavily on his judgement or guts.

  26. Who Cares?! says

    Cheri Wilson and Sheri D — you both are nothing short of bullies in your own local PTA’s. Just ask your own PTA membership if anyone wants to work with either of you? Was HCCPTA so desparate to fill positions on their board that both of you joined HCCPTA.?! Boy was that a huge mistake!

    As far as Sue Parks — she has VOLUNTEERED most of her children’s school years and I commend her for all her years of service to the children in harford county.

    • Sherry D says

      Who cares… Yes let’s ask membership ! Was it a huge mistake? or is it because all the dirt is out and you all thought it was going to be kept a secret and the board was going to carry on its merry way! Lets get it straight I did not steal from the board! And yes HCCPTA was desperate to fill positions… Only I wasn’t warned that it was a one sided team who was in cohoots and didn’t care what other members of the board has to say!

    • Sherry D says

      @who cares… I am simply stating facts but your guilty conscious is getting the best of you! I am not a bully so please don’t get you and I mixed up!

      I just wanted to state once again… Ms. Monaco’s telling the truth it is no lies! And if it is lies I would like to know which part of it!

  27. Parent says

    Regarding the other board members who voted to move this money around for Ms. Parks’ daughter, I agree with Sam Adams’ earlier post and would also like to know the names of those 3 or 4 individuals who didn’t possess the adequate combination of intelligence, bravery, common sense, or integrity to avoid being bullied and made a fool of by Ms. Parks (after all, I heard that she proudly, indignantly, comicly and pathetically reminded everyone that she recused herself from the vote; but I guess that using Ms.Parks’ line of reasoning, If I wasn’t there, it didn’t happen). They clearly aren’t qualified to be in any position of responsibility regarding advocacy or guidance for our children’s and school communities’ issues.

    By the way, it was priceless in Ms. Parks response above when she said, “As for Sam Adams, I do not know who that is so I am not sure how he states he has personally worked with me”. Perhaps, Sam, if you posted as Nate Hale, Al Hamilton, Benny Franklin, Pat Henry, or Tom Jefferson, it wouldn’t have gone over her head.

  28. Huh? says

    Seriously, do you expect Maryland PTA to fix this or guide this PTA Council? They have their own messes behind the scenes. The Maryalnd PTA proposed dues increase went down the tubes due to their own lack of fiduciary responsibility in the eyes of the voting membership who attended their last convention. Who is the treasurer of this council and Maryland PTA? Who signed the letter of findings from Maryland PTA and what committee issued the findings for the letter to even be generated? W
    hen were the initial complaints filed with Maryland PTA? Why did it take till August 10 for the letter of findings from Maryland PTA? Who is to enforce? From what Ms. Parks stated the current Maryland PTA president is waffling and undermining the letter from early August.

  29. Another PTA Parent says

    I don’t have faith in the Maryland PTA either. I remember a few years back, a past board member went to the National Conference and spent their PTA funds renting a convertible car and having fancy dinners and fun on the town.

  30. mastah splintuh says

    Go ninja, go ninja, go go go

    Go ninja go, go ninja go, go ninja go go go go go

    Turtle powah

  31. Wondering says

    Quite the email storm today. WOW! It ain’t over until til it’s over. They want to “train” us, hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha. That is the funniest thing ever. The whole lot of them should resign and start over. Make a motion and second it, such a crock.

  32. Whatever says

    News on the street is they had hearing last night and the PTA training is canceled. What happened? Did they get rid of the lot of them?