Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway Executive Director Lisanti Appointed to Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail Advisory Council

From the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway:

As a member of the Council, Ms. Lisanti, along with 25 other members, will consult with the Secretary and the National Park Service on matters related to the trail, including trail management, public access, recreation opportunities, and natural and cultural resource conservation along the trail route. This will be Ms. Lisanti’s second time serving on this council.

“The people appointed to serve on the Advisory Council will contribute in many ways to the implementation of a rich educational and recreational trail experience for the public,” said John Reynolds, Advisory Council chair. “This council is anxious to get people outside enjoying the trail, on land and water, while also working to protect special places along the trail.”

The Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail commemorates the voyages of Captain John Smith and his crew as they explored the Chesapeake Bay between 1607 and 1609. The more than 2,000-mile trail was established in 2006 as part of the National Trails System and became America’s first national water trail. Managed by the National Park Service, the trail traces Smith’s routes and the key rivers linked to them, helping visitors imagine the world he encountered more than four hundred years ago. Modern-day explorers travel the trail on land and water, enjoying a variety of recreational experiences at places reminiscent of the Bay in the seventeenth century. The trail is a touchstone for the nation’s past, but also a means to experience the Chesapeake’s natural beauty and to learn from American Indians who continue to live in the region today. For more information about the trail, visit www.smithtrail.net.

Ms. Lisanti has been executive director of Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway since 2003. During that time, the organization has been able to secure public and private funding totaling more than $15.5 million, preserve 120 acres of land, protect significant historic resources and enhance public recreational opportunities and public access to local waterways.

Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway is a nonprofit organization based in Darlington whose mission is to stimulate local economic activity by developing a linkage to natural, historic and cultural resources through land and water recreational trails. To date, 22 miles of continuous public recreation trails connecting Harford and Cecil counties have been constructed. The trail system has been designated priority segments of both the Star-Spangled Banner and Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trails. For more information, visit www.hitourtrails.com.


  1. tax waster says

    Ms. Lisanti is monumental at steering our taxdollars into her pocket. Maryland is broke. Stop spending money shit like this and give your teachers a raise. Again I am sure that Ms. Lisanti has given herself a raise as the chair of the greenway. Probably raking in 90K per year of our money. Crook she is.

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    • DaggerDave says

      Maryland is not broke. Maryland is in better financial shape than most states. Number 1 in education and attracting green jobs and occupations in the scientific and green field. So, tax waster, what have you done for Maryland? Yeah, that’s I thought.

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      • B says

        82 billion in debt is not broke? And you are going to hang your hat on green jobs? Then you justify maryland financial crisis by comparing it to other states in crisis?

        How can we not reach compromise when the other side is so wise.

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      • ALEX R says

        And number 41 in attracting business. Anyone hear the ads being run in Maryland by the governor of Texas trying to attract business to Texas which is quite business friendly. Of course we did get that “regional win” (O’Malley’s words) when Maryland failed to attract a large business that decided to go to Virginia because Maryland is just intolerable to business of all sizes. No drunken sailor ever spent like we spend, spend, spend.

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        • Because says

          You forget Texas is also a state that subscribes to a lot of things that disturb the rest of us. Like sparse workplace regulation and oversight (Fertilizer Plant Explosion), working hard to eliminate support for women’s reproductive rights (Yes, I’m aware you don’t have a uterus or care about one). It’s no surprise Rick Perry wants to come here and attract business eager to exploit that environment. Maybe he has a job for you Alex.

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          • ALEX R says


            Why don’t you use the more accurate term for ‘women’s reproductive rights’? Let’s not sugar coat the murdering of babies by calling it a ‘right’. Evil is evil and abortion is evil. And let’s not cherry pick one plant explosion in Texas and gloss over Sparrow’s Point which is responsible for more pollution per square acre than anything I can think of. And if the truth would ever come out, more cancer. But I’m sure that’s okay with you because the Dem/Libs endorse it.

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      • taxwaster says

        Lets see I have CREATED over 125 jobs in MARYLAND over the last 5 years. Green Jobs? What a joke. Most of the GREEN JOBS rely on GOVERNMENT subsidies. Solindra, Oh year Ethanol, Biodiesel, and solar panel companies for the most part are all BROKE! Get your collective head out of your stupid ass and wake the fuck up

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    • Mr. Moderate says

      What does “tax waster” know about the methods by which such projects are funded. I sense nothing. Perhaps Ms. Lisanti’s political affiliation is the basis of his rant. Were she a Republican, my
      bet is that TW’s comment would have referred to the wisdom of saving our national heritage.
      BTW I suppose our Councilpersons should not have jobs in their private life.

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      • taxwaster says

        Has nothing to do with her politics, When HDG cut greenway funding several years ago it was revealed by the city council then that she was making 75k+ a year. Its a non profit, you can check their filings for the figures. I think you all need to be taxed more. Please spread the wealth around you greedy people

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