Del. Glass: “I Encourage You Not to Charge the Citizens of Maryland to Opt Out of Smart Meter Installation”

From Del. Glen Glass:

The Staff of the Maryland Public Service Commission has recommended to the Public Service Commission that a fee be imposed to opt out of having a Smart Meter installed, and that a monthly fee then be imposed in addition to the opt out fee.

As of this date, the Public Service Commission has not made a determination in regards to the Staff recommendation.

Below is the text of a letter that I sent to the Public Service Commission urging them not to impose a fee on any consumer that would like to opt out of having a Smart Meter installed.

I will continue to fight for freedom of choice without a fee being imposed on that choice.

September 12, 2013
Public Service Commission
6 St. Paul Street 16th Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Dear Commissioner:

As you know, the last few years I have introduced a bill to give the citizens of Maryland the right to opt out of the installation of a Smart Meter, at no cost to the consumer. This is a bipartisan issue that has support from members of both parties. I had nineteen co-sponsors on this bill. This year the bill was referred to summer study, which was a step in the right direction.

Smart Meters have been linked to health issues, home fires, and allow for an invasion of privacy that should not be permitted. This is about freedom of choice, and being able to make that choice without a fee being attached to it.

While the utility companies are making billions of dollars, the citizens of Maryland are struggling to make ends meet in the worst economy in 80 years. I encourage you not to charge the citizens of Maryland to opt out of Smart Meter installation, and to make the opt out a permanent alternative. This would eliminate the necessity for further legislation.

Thank you for your consideration to what I hope will be an equitable resolution for the citizens of Maryland.


Delegate Glen Glass


  1. ProPrivacyAntiSmartMeter says

    The PSC staff members are obviously not capable of recognizing pure and simple, but egregious, BULLYING and HARRASSMENT by the utility companies, to approx. 5% of its customer base who are doing nothing more than protecting their health and their God-given rights to freedom of choice.. It really is that simple – and that horrible. Hopefully the PSC commisioners will ride herd over their own staff, and not tolerate such disgusting business practices, and will do their duty to protect ALL Maryland utility customers – whether their choices and concerns over smart meters represents the 95%, or the 5% subset of utility customers. What say you PSC ? Will you walk onto the school yard and PILE ON with the BULLIES to render further harm and depravity? OR, will you be the adult on the playground who will rescue the innocent victims? Your answer will speak volumes about your own character. Let us pray you will do the right thing.

    • W.T.F.? says

      Really? Glen, you are a moron from another planet if you really believe the B.S. that you spew on a regular basis. I thought that Republicans were pro-business! What a hypocrite! You (and your minority of supporters on this issue) should just unplug your shack from the grid and live off of the land (solar, wind, geo-thermal, etc.) and then you wouldn’t have to worry your lovely curly red-locked covered head over such a non-issue as this! Uuuggg!!!!

      • ALEX R says

        Disgusted, I agree it is not a right given by God. But it is a government sponsored monopoly. As such, the distribution (not generation, but distribution) of power thru power lines can only be done, by law, by the company that the government has selected and given exclusive rights to. As such, I have, as a citizen, a right to influence how that distribution is accomplished. So when the government selected monopoly proposes policy I have a right under the constitution and the legal process to attempt to influence those decisions. Sorry you don’t like that.

          • ALEX R says

            No it gives me the right to determine how electricity is delivered by the state sponsored and appointed monopoly and what the state sponsored monopoly charges for it including the details of that delivery mechanism thru the regulatory process. That’s why BG&E can;t just do it without government regulatory approval.

            The fascinating thing is the way regulatory law works. I’m sorry it doesn’t work in a way that gives you and your Dem/Lib friends carte blanche to do what you want when you want because it furthers your agenda.

          • disgusted says

            Yea you know how me and my dem/lib friends hate big business and need government regulation to keep them under control. Wouldn’t want those capitalists putting meter on our houses without some government over site.

            You might want to check your shoe Alex I believe you stepped in something right before you stuck it in your mouth.

  2. Brownout. says

    The power company wants to install these meters so they can eliminate their reader staff. Will they then pass on that savings to the consumer? No. It’ll be bonuses all around at the top. Maybe instead of charging to opt out, they could offer a discount to those who opt in… Let’s all hold our breath and wait for the power company to do something nice for us. They put one of those profit generators on my house and my UPS started going nuts… I had to set the sensitivity to low because the voltage was going as low as 102V for brief intervals. This is all geared to increase their profits. It’s all about money folks – no matter what they tell you. They’re not doing this for you or the environment – they don’t give a crap about either one.

  3. ProPrivacyAntiSmartMeter says

    To Kharn: Your myopia is stunning. Too bad you are incapable of multi-dimensional thinking. How can you reduce such a complex issue to just ‘not liking’ smart meters. I am a cancer survivor. I want to stay that way. And, at least until now, I thought I lived in a country where I could say NO, to any business offering me a new product – especially a product that has strong evidence of causing me a remission of cancer. If my rights are indeed respected instead of trampled upon, then yes, I DO have a God-given-right to refuse to let any business shove something down my throat that I believe will harm my health. Who in the hell do you think you are, you ignorant, arrogant little troll ? You need to GROW UP.

      • overtaxed says

        To disgusted, you are an ASS. Apparently you’ve never had anyone you care about get cancer or you wouldn’t make light of it.

        • disgusted says

          Actually I have lost people to cancer and I can guarantee they went from eating things like crabs and fish from the bay, their cell phones, toxic household chemicals, monsanto modified foods, smoking , too many 32oz diet sodas but not one went from a smart meter.

          Sorry but there are a thousand things we know will kill you that need addressing before we consider the alleged killer smart meters.

  4. ProPrivacyAntiSmartMeter says

    To ‘overtaxed’…on your retort to ‘disgusted’: Thanks for your support….have to heartily agree on the body part correlation. There are always some people where it is simply a waste of brain cells to converse with. ‘Disgusted’ is clearly one of those people, who, by the way, would more aptly be called ‘disgusting’.