Harford County Public Schools Special Education Citizen Advisory Committee to Host Presentation on Bullying and Cyberbullying Sept. 19

From Harford County Public Schools:

Please plan to join Harford County’s Special Education Citizen Advisory Committee (SECAC) for its first meeting of the new school yearthis Thursday evening. Mr. Bob Benedetto, chief of safety and security for HCPS, will speak on the topic of Bullying and Cyberbullying. His presentation will start promptly at 6:30 p.m., but you are invited to arrive earlier, if your schedule allows, for some light refreshments and socializing time. The meeting will take place in the Board Room on the 1st floor in the A.A. Roberty Building (102 South Hickory Avenue, Bel Air, MD 21014). All parents and guardians of children with special needs, community members and HCPS staff are invited to attend. Please note that here is never a need to apply to become a member of SECAC, and you can attend monthly meetings whenever your schedule permits. For further information, call 410-588-5246, email HarfordSECAC@comcast.net, or find them on Facebook at Harford SECAC.


  1. novel concept says

    Teach your kids to fight back. Bullies pick on the weak. The first time your child defends themselves and is no longer an easy target they will not get bullied. Otherwise there is nothing the school can do. Sure you say run and tell the administration. Trust me it will do nothing but make the bullying worse.

  2. Sarah says

    Amen. My son was bullied in middle school. We went to the principal and the bully was given “a stern talking to” which only made the bullying worse. After meetings, conferences, and phone calls my son was so depressed he did not want to go to school, his grades suffered, he was dropping out. Finally my husband insisted my son fight back even if he got overwhelmed. Guess what. The bullying stopped, my son finally gained self esteem, and the bully stopped bothering kids.

  3. Incredible says

    I remember in junior high I was being bullied. Turns out I punched that asshole so hard in his fucking face that he never bullied ANYONE ELSE. He never did tell any teachers, too.

  4. Concerned parent says

    The meeting is suppose to address the bullying of children with special needs, not children who are neuro-typically developing. These children typically are the weak and can’t fight back. Isn’t this what HCPS is getting sued about, not protecting a special needs child that was bullied? When will HCPS truly protect the most vulnerable in our society?

  5. Amy Lindecamp says

    This was a good presentation, very informative. As a parent of a child that has been harassed for years and continues to be harassed, I went to the meeting in the hope of finding a solution to stop/prevent harassment. Why, after a parent has done everything that was presented at this meeting, does the administration still push this issue under the rug and allow it to continue? Why is it tolerated that a family becomes retaliated against for following the very direction that was given at this meeting? The written and spoken words are only of value if they are enforced.

  6. Joy says

    My son had 1/3 of his front tooth knocked out from a repeat offender bully. The schools says they are not responsible. He only needed a filling, but now we are told that he will probably need an implant. Ever since then, he hates school. So I am supposed to pay for what a bully did to my son, Harford County Public Schools? Are you crazy?

  7. Earl Sampson says

    The word “bully” is the hottest and latest catchphrase to get school administration to jump into immediate action. Kids/Parents have learned how to use this term to get what they want.

    What becomes a solution to a problem does a 180 degrees and parents end up bullying the school administration to do their bidding. See how that catchphrase is used?

    Was this example used during this meeting? Probably not.