State Highway Administration Warns of Potentially Snowy, Slippery, Messy Morning Commute in Maryland

From the Maryland State Highway Administration:

Forecasts for rain changing to snow overnight Monday Nov. 11 to Tuesday Nov. 12 has put the State Highway Administration (SHA) on alert. While air temperatures may not dip to freezing, the combination of rain changing to snow could make pavement temperatures drop and with that, cause road conditions to be slippery during the early morning and through rush hour. With this type of precipitation, bridges, ramps and overpasses can freeze before other sections of roadway, making them slippery. Drivers will need to use extra care when approaching these structures.

“This early in the season, most of us are not expecting to encounter icy conditions while driving,” said SHA Administrator Melinda B. Peters. “The best way to be prepared is to slow down and use caution. SHA crews will apply salt if the rain turns to snow, but with rain starting first, we cannot apply anything in advance. Conditions may change quickly and drivers could encounter slippery conditions, particularly on elevated areas and bridges.”

Drivers should check conditions at and or call 511 (1-855-GOMD511 outside the region) for current travel and weather information. For general information, follow @MDSHA on Twitter and visit .

SHA reminds everyone on the road BSAFE: Buckle up; Slow down – speed limits are set for fair weather conditions; Always drive sober; Focus on the road and Everyone share the road so everyone gets home. Please follow key safety laws:

• No hand-held mobile phone use or texting in travel lanes; even stopped at signals;

• Wipers on, lights on!

• MOVE OVER – fender benders with no injuries, move out of travel lanes!

• MOVE OVER to free lanes away from emergency vehicles during incidents, and please force yourself to keep your eyes on the road, not to look at the scene.


  1. Baylady says

    It looks like that the new cell phone law is not working.I see people everday with their phones on their ear and also TEXTING while driving.Wipers on,lights on is a joke.A lot of the local Law Enforcement do not have their lights on unless it’s one of the newer vehicles.And the Move over Law should be for everyone on the shoulder