Abingdon Man Arrested for Early Morning Burglaries

From the Harford County Sheriff’s Office:

[Jan. 11, 2014, Abingdon, MD] — Harford County Sheriff’s detectives have arrested and charged an 18 year-old Box Hill resident with burglarizing two homes in Abingdon in the early morning hours of Jan. 9.

Kyle Burnett Reddish, 18, of 236 Kensington Parkway, Abingdon has been charged with 2 counts of first degree burglary, 2 counts of theft, and rogue and vagabond.

On January 9, 2014 sheriff’s deputies responded to the 900 block of Hamburg Drive, Abingdon, for a burglary in progress. The homeowner, Ronald Vohs, told police that at approximately 3:30am his family was awakened by their dog’s barking. As they went downstairs to check on the dog they observed a closet door open and saw the contents of his wife’s purse spilled out on the family room sofa. The family checked the remainder of the home and also found an undisclosed amount of cash missing.

While investigating the above incident deputies received another call for a burglary in the 2900 block Craigston Lane. Deputies responded and made contact with Mr. Bruce Harrison who reported his car had been broken into and his home had been burglarized. Mr. Harrison reported being awakened when his burglar alarm sounded. He immediately called 911. A home security surveillance system captured Reddish, wearing a light colored puffy winter jacket and a baseball cap, walk down the sidewalk and approach the victim’s home. The video shows the suspect entering an unlocked vehicle and then walking into the homeowner’s back yard where he enters the home by using a pet door. Nothing was stolen from the Harrison’s home.

Detectives, using still photos recovered from the video surveillance, identified Reddish as the suspect. Reddish was taken into custody at his home on January 10th and charged. After a hearing before a Harford County District Court Commissioner he was released after posting a $25,000 bond.


  1. Jack Rabbit says

    Is this the high school quarterback that was charged with rape a few years ago?

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  2. GOOD says

    He has been breaking into houses for months now. He is extremely lucky I was not home when he broke into my house or we would have been reading an article about his death.

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  3. James cook says

    Drunk druggie breaking into houses he could dew my job when I retire meats all the requirements.

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  4. Vietnam Vet says

    Shame full people, it’s apparent he just did not have proper guidance in his child hood. I think 30 years in the state Pen should give him proper guidance

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    • Joe Paterno says

      Or 30 years at Penn State – he will fit right in!

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  5. what a POS says

    He actually had good parents and guidance. Some times pieces of shit will always be pieces of shit no matter what they are taught. He was responsible for no less then 14 home invasions over the last year, and over 20 auto break ins. It cost me hundreds of dollars to repair the damage he did to my home in his vain attempt to break in. I caught a glimpse of him in my rifle sight as he was attempting to break down my neighbors door the next night after he hit my house. Boy he can run fast. Guess that’s why he was a star quarterback.

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  6. Vietnam Vet says

    Pos: I have too agree, some are just born criminal’s. regard less of how well there raised.

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  7. Mr Strathaven Lane says

    This little punk lives at the bottom of my street. I was going to say I could finally sleep at night comfortable after the last 4 months of this punk breaking into houses. But I can see he is out on bail.

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  8. Hedley Lamarr says

    How can his parents not know what was going on, I would have to guess he was not employed but had money, did they just turn a blind eye to this punk. Can the States attorney revisit the rape charges? Who made bail for this POS? The parents? If that is the case they are just adding to the problem. I don’t understand some parents, You can bet he was stealing from them too and they take him back in, if he broke in my house he be talking to a 12ga, it would be the last time for break ins.

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  9. Timothy Seitzinger says

    My heart goes out to the Reddish family. I pray that the pain they feel goes away as comfortably as possible. I feel sorry for his little brother the most who probably deals with negative comments at school. It just pains me to see a promising kid I knew in Boy Scouts grow up to be a disappointment. I hope that whatever demons that this boy has will go away and that he realizes his mistakes.

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    • Tiny says

      He will learn his lesson as his anus will be stretched to the breaking point in prison. My heart goes out the the countless residents in Box hill that have lived on edge for the last year. My heart goes out to the victims that have had their homes invaded, their Christmas presents stolen, their door frames broken, and their personal property taken. The family can kiss my ass.

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      • Barbara says

        You seem to know a lot about anus stretching in prison. Tell us how you gained this experience?

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          • Barbara says

            Sorry, I’m not into the same movies you are watching. BTW, my father apparently used something other than the backside, thus I happened along. Does your father watch the movies with you?

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    • Your name says

      Oh my a decent sentiment. In this forum I don’t think that’s possible. But alas, you’re right. The kid probably has some serious demons and nasty mental health issues. Let’s stop with the “burn him at the stake” attitude and do something more productive.

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  10. HYDESMANN says

    30 years hard labor with a ball and chain attached would straighten him out or at least stop him from victimizing other people.

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  11. What we have here is failure to communicate says

    His problem is he has never had any consequences. Or real ones at least. The criminal justice system failed him as well as his parents. I am sure he got a skate on the rape deal. Than the DUI should have left him without a liscence….it clearly didn’t as he finally got some consequences when he got a $25 dollar fine for no seat belt and an $83 fine for cell phone use. Than he gets a new car. Sorry he should clearly not be driving! Maybe now he will face some consequences.

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    • Pavel314 says

      Given some of the judges in this county, don’t be surprised if he gets off with forty hours of community service. If he got shot next time he breaks into a home that might be the best solution.

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  12. Brightwater Bill says

    HE WAS CAUGHT BEFORE BREAKING INTO A HOME. It was on video. The states attorney DID NOT PRESS CHARGES. Because the little Junkie Reddish said “he was sorry” and convinced the victim not to press charges in lieu of drug treatment. BULLSHIT

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  13. Angie says

    What saddens me that again, they are all defending his actions. A quick glance at the facebook page shows his girlfriend attacking those who were victimize by him.

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      • Your name says

        Angie, nobody is defending him. Nobody. But a Facebook page? Really? I commend the people who have the decency to stand up to the bullies posting on that page. Kyle might be a criminal, I don’t know, but that Facebook page is an abomination.

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        • Angie says

          Breaking into 14 houses and countless cars is an ABOMINATION. Go away troll.

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    • James cook says

      I hope the cops have a search warrant for Natalies residence. The place is probably a thieves den of stolen goods.

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    • Your name says

      Wow this is so inappropriate. Victimizing a young girl you don’t know and spreading more hatred. You do realize this is cyber bullying right?

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      • Geese Louise says

        Not cyber bullying when the person uses her real name, calls people “faggots” and “pieces of shit” she is not young. She was an accomplice of the accused burglar. She also has a criminal record

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  14. Your name says

    Wow. Okay, so first of all – I have no idea who this guy is, I graduated a few years before he did… So I have no opinion on him. Whether he’s guilty isn’t for me to decide. Not on the internet. Not with vicious allegations. I think rape and burglary are terrible crimes… an absolute violation. But since I wasn’t there, I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

    Now second… I am reading these comments and assume many of you are parents in the community. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL is wrong with you people? I understand that this is unfortunately a public forum where many grievances can be aired, but really… this is a terrible example to be setting for your kids. I get that everyone is up in arms, but if the young man is guilty and our justice system does it’s job, then he’ll get what’s coming to him. If he’s a drug addict, that’s a serious mental health problem. If he gets off and is guilty, then f*** us right? And His parents are now being dragged across the coals in yor hate speech as well…if any of you personally know them, I would hope you’d have enough tact not to speak against them. But wow. Just wow. The dagger is where my hope for humanity does every time.

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    • Diane Matthews says

      This website and the news is often filled with stories of those who are constantly getting away with crimes you and I would be in jail for. The justice system has failed with this kid twice already. Public shame shall now commence. You didnt have your house broken into, locks repaired just to have it broken into again. You didnt have your children crying at night because their Christmas presents were stolen when this kid came and took them. You don’t have to lie in bed and wonder if the next time it happens perhaps they will cause you bodily harm. You didnt have to jump up at night at every sound to check to see if you or your neighbors house was being broken into again. So you can sit on your Pius mountain and complain about whatever you like. We are sick of being victims and we will defend our homes and children by any means necessary. We have had enough of sitting back and keeping our fingers crossed that we will no longer be victims. Spend a year in our shoes dealing with this or shut your mouth.

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      • Your name says

        Actually, Diane, my family was robbed. I live in Bel Air. It definitely feels like a violation to have your personal property stolen, trashed, and invaded. That is non-negotiable. And furthermore, I have a lot of empathy for the situation. To suggest that I don’t is wrong. But the onslaught of adults here being terrible bullies is pretty bad too. I’m not sitting on my pious (or pius… per your spelling) mountain. I am, however, not partaking in a witch hunt not am I making further slanderous statements about people other than Kyle (in reference to the sick bastards who are in full out harassment mode about the girl who commented on the Facebook page). It’s not fair to his family, either.

        Sometimes I really miss the days when Internet wasn’t a thing.

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        • Geese Louise says

          I dont recall anyone forcing you to look at it. Plenty of stuff out there I find offensive. Do I demand it be taken down? NO. I simply dont look at it or dont watch it. I hope we never live in a country were unpopular speech is suppressed.

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        • James cook says

          She made the choice to make those vile and disgusting posts to the facebook page using her name.

          Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

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    • Uncle Eddie says

      This forum isn’t setting a bad example for our kids – the judicial system is.

      When there was a string of break-ins in the Laurel Bush Rd. area in Sept. of 2008, 2 adults and 2 kids were caught. When the kids had their day in court, the first kid was called up and the judge reminded him that he was warned the last time he was there that he (the judge) would throw the book at him if he ever saw him in his courtroom again. After numerous statements were given by victims (while the judge was typing on his computer and not even paying attention to them), the judge let both kids go with another slap on the wrist.

      I guess that is what he meant by throwing the book at him.

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  15. Resident says

    I have known this punk for most of his life, He was caught throwing logs into traffic on Laurel Bush road attempting to cause accidents after his first run in with the law. He got away with rape because of a technicality from a botched job done by those collecting the evidence. What a piece of shit.

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  16. What we have here is failure to communicate says

    Looked up the sentences for these crimes. Burglery is a felony up to 20yrs! The other are misdomeanors. If the judge imposes the max consecutively it would be 44 yrs and 9 months before he gets out!

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  17. Concerned Citizen says

    I echo the sentiments that that will not happen, especially with most of the bleeding heart liberal judges on the bench. Sadly, a significant sentence won’t be imposed until he actually hurts or kills someone. And then the States Attorney will look at the evidence, shake his head, and finally prosecute this individual thinking he has done a good job in the name of justice. Usually criminals show a progression of deviant behavior and escalate over time. I am so door for the neighbors who have to put up withis this bulls#?t.

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    • Because says

      Incompetence knows no part affiliation. Lack of accountability and ignorance know no party affiliation. What is the point of appealing to the bench for obvious acts of perjury or requesting an Emergency Evaluation or holding a person accountable in a civil manner when the judge looks at you and questions your credentials or fails to look at your evidence? These are not liberals and these are not conservatives. These are people we place in positions of authority beyond their level of responsibility or regard for the rights of others. Yes, petty criminals evolve into more sinister and cunning crimes. Often sending them for a few days or weekends to the Detention Center only enables them to obtain new criminal contacts and techniques. The revolving door policy of Stet cases that are never prosecuted and minimal sentences like 15 days for one charge out of seven when the maximum for an individual charge is 18 months is nothing to a person with little regard for the rights of others.

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  18. Concerned Citizen says

    I echo the sentiments that that will not happen, especially with most of the bleeding heart liberal judges on the bench. Sadly, a significant sentence won’t be imposed until he actually hurts or kills someone. And then the States Attorney will look at the evidence, shake his head, and finally prosecute this individual thinking he has done a good job in the name of justice. Usually criminals show a progression of deviant behavior and escalate over time. I am so sorry for the neighbors who have to put up withis this bulls#?t.

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    • The youth is lost says

      Sad to see so many attacking the victims while blindly defending the junkie that did this. After reading the stories of his accused raping of a 15 year old. Calling the girl a whore, and defending this kid makes we wonder if we are not in Iran?

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  19. Nope says

    I remember back when he was accused of rape… and people were blaming the girl. I meaaan

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  20. Nope says

    I don’t think anyone is “defending” the guy… I have read through the comments and facebook pages!!!! I have yet to see anyone say “I am in defense of this guy’s actions” but c’mon everyone. You’re a bunch of grown adults using the internet as a platform to harass teenagers!!! Woah there!!! You’re going to accuse the foul-mouthed commenter on the facebook page of living in a drug den? LOL this is just so ludicrous.

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    • get over it, says

      He got a DUI before he was 21, yet still drove. He was accused of raping a 15 year old. Parents spent a small fortune getting him out. He was caught multiple times breaking and entering and has done no time because he is “A thriving pillar of the community” Obviously the judicial system is either incapable or incompetent in dealing with him. His actions have ad no consequences. There fore we shall use shame.

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  21. Not dining there. says

    Kyle Reddish is employed as a cook at Applebees in Bel Air. I used to dine there fairly often. But I will no longer be doing so knowing that an intravenous drug user and burglar is cooking my food. Yikes. What are they thinking?

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  22. Uncle Eddie says

    Another product of our revolving-door judicial system.

    Remember the motto of the Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office:

    “They’ll Reoffend”

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  23. Elizabeth says

    Whomever is shaming this kid on the facebook page I must tip my hat to (wait I do not wear hats)
    The uniform is classic. With the court system doing nothing to stop this kid a shaming just may.

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    • Because says

      Mimi Cooper is not big on preventing anything. I appeared twice before her for an Emergency Evaluation, the last time she asked me what my qualifications were for identifying someone with an undiagnosed personality disorder. I replied to her, I’m an engineer, but you don’t have to be a farmer to know what a pig looks like. She wasn’t about to give anyone an emergency evaluation. No one gets emergency evaluations until there is either blood shed or a body.

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      • Pavel314 says

        Didn’t Mimi Cooper just jail an 81-year-old woman for having her dogs running loose?

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      • Actually dumbass says

        You are not a doctor and she was correct in denying you. Just because you watch Dr. Oz does not mean you get to play doctor in real life. If she allowedan engineer to gGove medical advice she would be opening up a huge can of worms were neighborsncould commit neighbors, x lovers could have each other committed. And big scaredy cat
        liberals would be having military members commited because they are afraid of guns.

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        • Because says

          Two questions:

          Do you know what a pig looks like?

          Are you a farmer?

          My observation was based on objective information found in Maryland Case Search and other sources.

          When you are willing to learn, knowledge comes freely.

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  24. Cdev says

    Looks like he got picked up on a CDS charge this morning. Wonder if they will revoke his 25k bail?

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  25. BillH says

    What this young man desperately needs is a few months behind bars to get his act together, Clearly being out on bail is no deterrent for him to continue his illegal activities. unfortunately he will no doubt be set free to destroy the lives of others while he slowly destroys his own to the point of no return.

    Another youth destroyed by a failed system. But hey, his lawyer is enjoying the fruits of kyles thug life.

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  26. fedupwiththebullsh#t says

    The problem with the legal system is that it doesn’t hold folks accountable until they have progressed to the point of very serious crimes. Unfortunately, on the other end are a string of victims. The court system is a joke and the only ones benefitting are the defense attorneys.

    In this case, the individual raped someone. Instead of holding him accountable, she was blamed. That’s what our society continues to do – blame the victim. In reading this guy’s history, he is showing us a progression of criminality and what is scarey is that unless he is held accountable now for his behavior, he will continue to worsen and in the process of burglarizing another house, some poor victim is going to be home or come downstairs and confront him and may get hurt or killed. Maybe a woman in her own home may get raped and murdered.
    To think this guy works or worked at Appleby’s I won’t go there again.
    The whole thing is disgusting and the family is just as responsible for bailing him out and enabling this thug to do what he has been doing without any real accountability.

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    • Cdev says

      Furthermore when you check Judicial case search it appears he was involved in multiple accidents and did not stop the same time he got picked up for the CDS violation. I keep wondering who put up his 25,000 bail for the burglery. He sure doesn’t make thast much at applebees. Also who is paying his repeat attorney for this. Perhaps that funding source needs to cut him off. If he is the funding source one should look at where the money is coming from.

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      • Mr StratHaven says

        I Noticed someone put something about him on Applebee’s Facebook page in Bel Air. If enough people speak up the Judicial system will be forced to throw the book at him. Wondering if he still works there?
        Sad to say, but he will go to jail get out and repeat, He has been arrested now multiple times for drugs, gone to rehab in lieu of charges for previous break ins and yet still continues to terrorize Box Hill. The only thing that will stop a junkie like this is an armed home owner next time he breaks into a house. Hopefully their aim is true.

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  27. Hedley Lamarr says

    Looking at case search it appears that the latest charge was for Huffing some kind of substance. This kid is on a fast track to the graveyard. If the parents want to save his life they should not post bail and let a public defender handle the case. He needs to go to jail and maybe he can get help their.

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    • Yes says

      He was snorting Heroin. A lot of the Box hill kids are on it now. Someone in the townhouse section is selling it.

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