New Harford Democratic Club March 5: Candidates Bane, Thornton, Robinson Answer Questions

From the New Harford Democratic Club:

Meeting Reminder
Wednesday March 5th, 2014- 7:00pm
* Aberdeen Holiday Inn*
1007 Beards Hill Rd
Aberdeen, MD 21001

At March’s meeting, we will have 3 “Candidate Speakers”: Sheriff Jesse Bane – Candidate for Harford County Sheriff, Jim Thornton – Candidate for Harford County Council President, and Jansen Robinson – Candidate for Harford County School Board, District A. A “Q & A” period for members will follow their presentation.


  1. Independent Voter says

    This should be an interesting event. It would be helpful to have the same forum for independents. It would be nice to have Mr Peck Mr Bane Mr Ryan and Mr Gahler on the same venue at some point. Looking forward to hearing more from Mr Peck.

  2. Someone who was there says

    I agree the others could possible hold Bane’s feet to the fire on the issues. But this will be a pep rally and no serious issues will be discussed ….

  3. Boot Bane says

    I think they should have a forum for all candidates too, the serious ones and those that are in bed with Bane.

  4. democrats smell like poop says

    tuition for illegals
    men’s restrooms for girls with a penis
    tax on rainfall

    how can you all lose?