Harford Campaign for Liberty: Harford County Delegation Declares War on the Will of the Voters

From Harford Campaign for Liberty:

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And that’s what we’re seeing from the desperate Harford County Republican Delegation (HCRD) as they run to the Maryland General Assembly like a toddler running to mommy after a skinned knee. When “efforts of persuasion” failed to discourage certain individuals from running for central committee, it was time for the kind of political skullduggery that has become the sine qua non of establishment politicians. Led by Chairman Rick Impallaria, the HCRD has introduced an emergency; yes that’s right, an EMERGENCY bill, to protect the Republican taxpayers of Harford County from their own votes.

HB 1513, introduced on February 28, 2014 is galloping through the often slow and tedious legislative process. If passed, all Harford County Republican Delegates would become ex-officio members of the Harford County Republican Central Committee. Their roles would be restricted to the selection of replacement members or the removal of others for as yet unnamed transgressions. In addition, no HCRCC member could hold other elected office in Harford County. Oh, except for that of delegate of course! Are you beginning to get the picture? Does desperate even begin to describe their paranoid behavior as they attempt to consolidate their hold on the political process? The seven, potentially eight additional voices would create a power block allowing the HCRD to remake the central committee in its own image. Voters be damned!

HB 1513 is sponsored not by an individual delegate but by the Harford Delegation. Apparently no one wants to have their name stamped in black and white on this perversion. They prefer the protection of the pack. It’s always nice when you don’t have to personally answer for your actions.

Then there’s the matter of its introduction as an emergency. The text of this bill claims it is necessary for the “immediate preservation of the public health or safety”. Let’s be honest folks. This has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with making career politicians comfortable as they idle their hours away. The delegate’s energies would be better spent fighting for our liberties in Annapolis. Instead, they choose to provoke internecine battles. Seriously folks, don’t you have more important things to do? Guess not.

What this should tell Harford County citizens is that we matter. We matter so much that these little kings would go to such extremes to protect themselves from us. So let’s show them how we feel about their whiny, foot stomping maneuver. Show them at the ballot box.

Harford County Republican Delegation
Rick Impallaria, Wayne Norman, Kathy Szeliga, Pat McDonough, Susan McComas, Glenn Glass, Donna Stiffler

Chicago-Style Politics Comes to Harford County

From Harford Campaign for Liberty:

Attention Harford County Voters,

Establishment politicians are at it again.

The Harford County Republican Delegation has introduced Emergency Bill HB 1513. If passed, it would place all Republican Harford County delegates on the Harford County Republican Central Committee. The stated purpose of this bill is to allow the delegation to fill vacancies and remove members. It would also disqualify all Harford County Republicans from simultaneously holding elected positions for the county and the Central Committee.

That is except for the delegates. They’re special.

This blatant power grab is designed to allow the delegation to remake the central committee in its own image. And you thought that was the job of the Republican voters of Harford County, right?

Why does the Harford County Republican Delegation hold its constituency in such low esteem? If allowed to pass, the delegation would have the votes to stack the Central Committee with the ”right kind of people.” They could create a political dynasty that would make Castro green with envy.

Honestly people: this is the kind of tactic we expect from our political enemies.

Why is the Harford County Delegation embarrassing themselves and tarnishing the party with these antics? Do you want to have a say in how your party conducts its business? Do you want to put a stop to this Soviet style suppression of the people’s voice?

Let these folks know that you won’t stand for their thuggery. Tell them to withdraw their support for HB 1513. Tell them to refocus their energy on fighting to protect our liberties in Annapolis.

Delegate Rick Impallaria

Delegate Pat McDonough

Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Delegate Wayne Norman

And while you’re making your displeasure known, don’t forget Diana Waterman. As Chairwoman of the Maryland GOP, she should be taking an active role in preserving the integrity of Republican votes in Harford County.

Chairwoman Diana Waterman

Call or e-mail now.
Liberties lost are seldom regained.

For Liberty,

Christina Trotta
Steering Committee Member
Harford Campaign for Liberty


  1. Sad says

    As a voter and more importantly, as a Republican voter, this bill is an embarrassment. With all of the problems facing Marylanders, the fact that this is the effort our representatives decide needs their attention in Annapolis makes me feel that we have chosen these individuals poorly. I would like to see each of the listed elected leaders apologize for this waste of time and any who do not will not benefit from my vote later this year.

    • Mr. Moderate says

      For once I found something posted by the Campaign for Liberty to be helpful and of interest.

      Nothing associated with Impallaria ever surprises me.

  2. Bill says

    Thank goodness someone’s trying to stop the McGrady RINOs from destroying the local central comm. They have raised no money and done nothing but allow McGrady Liberty PAC raise money by attacking republicans instead of democrats. Impallaria understands this and isn’t afraid to stand up to these thugs. I was shocked Reilly, Seaman and Gallion caved to these wing nuts.

    • Toby says

      Bill, your name calling is not positive or helpful input. The Liberty PAC has opened the door for many other opinions and ideas that you seem to think are irrelevant and not worth the time to express them. The bill, HB 1513 is not only non-emergency as clarified, but not conducive to a growing population and /or the GOP in this county. If the delegation is convinced that the RCC is not representative of the ideas and values of the county that elected them, then perhaps the delegates ought to re-think or reconnect w/ the county residents. This bill is wrong for insisting that the delegation be voting members of the the RCC. By stacking the deck, the delegation doesn’t get a valid and honest view of this county. If its true, 2 delegates don’t live in Harford county, they ought not to speak w/t knowing the wants and/or needs of this county, they should not be on the Harford county Rep. Cent. committee. . Your comments are not only hostile, but not accurate. The Liberty PAC is growing. I find it ironic that you choose not to put your full name on your posts but freely try to insult the leaders of different groups w/n our county. Why is that, sir?
      Go back and read the bill again, it is not good use of tax dollars w/n MD.

    • Below Air Resident says

      Oh, let me guess… Bill is a Cecil Patriot. Put aside WHO Impallaria is supposedly fighting right now, and look at what you just said:
      The current committee hasn’t raised money for the party in two years, not since a “liberty pac” person was chairman. You admit this yourself above. The money raised went to the Republican party in Harford, not MD liberty pac.
      Impallaria isn’t afraid to stand up to thugs – looks like he is a thug according to his judiciary case search. Never seen a man I’m such a hurry to take someone to court.

      Go to a meeting some time, and tell me about a destroyed central committee. Many of the people now are place-sitters who have no interest in working hard, registering Republicans, working fundraisers, writing pieces for the newspapers…..

      Hopefully the new liberty pac people will want to walk doors, fundraise and get some volunteers motivated and out for our county. Otherwise, we will surely slide into a complacent liberal attitude

  3. Cdev says

    Since when is the central comittee deslings of any political party the will of the people? They do not speak nor are accountable to all the people of this county.

    • K says

      As for the Republican Central Committee (R.C.C.) Cdev, when the people of Harford County vote for these folks, they then become accountable to the folks. As I’ve heard so many, many times in recent years Bill, that’s what elections are for…..to replace or reelect those in voluntary elected positions. On the other hand, it is not the job of elected neighbors to decide on an emergency basis the need to seat themselves via legislation rather than the will of the people.

      • Cdev says

        While I did get to vote for these positions…..my wife didn’t. So again the Central Comittee of each party is not a body accountable to the people. In fact I agree the legislation is a waste of time and I feel that the GOP should deal with it as their bylaws call for.

      • hmmm says

        Isn’t this still a local delegation bill which must have the support of the majority of the delegation? General practice in Annapolis is to acquiesce to the delegation on local issues.

  4. StorminNorman says

    What childish squabbling! Voters are essentially being forced to watch nothing more than children struggling over a toy. This is an embarrassment and waste of taxpayer money to have this group in office. Just take a look at the list of candidates running for the HRCC. You have two Impallaria children, automotive industry colleagues of Impallaria, and a personal friend of Impallaria (not to mention that yet another Impallaria is already on the HRCC whose term is expiring). The other side of the scale is loaded with Tea Party supporters who are trying to get their foot in the door by flooding the HRCC ballot with their candidates. A few candidates are Political Science students and a few other miscellaneous individuals who maybe don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Several of these HRCC candidates are running for an additional office or have a spouse seeking a different elected office, such as the Board of Education or County Council. How do these family-based, conservative Republicans find time to spend time with their families when they are running for multiple offices and knee-deep in foolish power games?

    • Christina Trotta says

      @storminnorman – I am what you would call a “tea party candidate”, and I am not interested in networking with so-called brokers and climbing a ladder of petty power.
      I am in Harford County because I have two little girls that I want to see enjoy farmland and good schools. I am running for Central Committee because in 20 years I want my girls to inherit an even stronger bastion of liberty, fiscal responsibility and good values.
      It is easy to complain on the internet about your pet issue. Imagine what we could accomplish if each of us spent 20+ minutes today working toward strengthening a conservative Republican party instead.
      Don’t believe everything you read. Not every candidate has ulterior motives.

      • L says

        Interesting that you say you came here for the school system. C4L put one of their members on the school board in the last election and now has candidates running in most of the school board races this time. The current Republican establishment is responsible for the accelerating decline we are seeing in our school system but a school board with a majority of members from C4L would destroy the school system you want your children to attend.

    • V Seitz says

      Norman, You are correct that the two parties involved are locked in a struggle. But it does not involve a toy. The HCRCC is hamstrung because two groups with opposite approaches to governance are equally represented. We are seeing locally what is being played out on the national stage. This election will be very revealing about people’s vision for their county and country. The process should not be tainted by one group’s strong arm tactics to gain the upper hand. The Republican, and hopefully conservative base of Harford County should be dictating to their representatives and not the other way around. HB 1513 tries to rig the game so that comfortable career politicians can remain so. Nancy Jacobs recently posted on her FB page that the people of HC are blessed to have Barry Glassman as their next County Executive. There is so much wrong with that statement that I barely know where to begin. He may well be the next CE, and he may do a great job. Yet, the unintentional arrogance of that statement demonstrates what happens when our officials forget that they serve at our pleasure. I received a very nice apology from Ms. Jacobs, clarifying her statement. She described the obvious political demographics of the region and confidently claimed that Republicans would put Barry in office. How will he fight for us? Will he take a page from Richard Rothchild’s playbook and walk the talk. She assumes that just because an R is after his name we will follow Baaaarry like sheep. I am not saying this because I oppose either one. In fact, I admire some of what both have done. But all politicians these days, D or R, take our support for granted at their own peril. So, let’s ask the Harford County Republican Delegates to have faith in the R’s of HC as well as confidence in their own records and let the people decide. Listen to the constituents as well as the leadership of the party and WITHDRAW HB 1513 NOW!

  5. Bill says

    Half of the RINO Campaign for Liberty candidates are in apartments and not even property owners in Harford County. They are out to destroy the RCC

      • Bel Air Resident says

        And how many Impallarias jumped on board in the last few days of filing? Someone who attends the central committee meetings, can you tell us if you’ve ever seen Impallarias there taking an interest in the meeting? (other than Tim?) I’m curious.

    • V Seitz says

      Bill, Are you suggesting that only property owners be allowed to take part in the political process? Sounds a bit elitist to me. How about women? Can we vote? If you cannot argue a point on factual merit or lack thereof, just resort to personal attacks! It takes you off the hook for having to know what you are talking about.

      • Barbara says

        Bill doesn’t sound like an elitist to me. Depending on the ballot questions it could be a very large problem having non-property owners voting. Try living in a college town that has a large university but a small actual year round population. You can see some very strange voting outcomes because students have registered to vote locally as they are residents for nine months of the year.

        • V Seitz says

          Well Barbara, at least you enter the ring armed with information and a credible point of view. Bill on the other hand chose to make local renters into sub-citizens. All to smear C4L. You raise some interesting points, though. I can see the scenario you describe as having some downsides. However, those specifics to not apply here. HB 1513 is a power grab, pure and simple, by people that are not comfortable with being challenged. The status quo is way to comfy for them.

  6. IrreleventRick says

    One word sums this whole shit show….IRRELEVANT…. the GOP in Maryland, The Central Committee, Our Delegation and this bill.

  7. Pavel314 says

    Good show, Republicans! You certainly don’t want the common voters deciding who will represent them. The party elite, yourselves, will make all the decisions to ensure that democracy prevails!

  8. none says

    I switched to independent because of McGrady and his little group. HCL does nothing for Harford County.

    • William Munny says

      So why would the Annapolis Dumpling Gang go to the trouble of introducing legislation to combat C4L if they were not a formidable foe??? Makes no sense. Sounds to me like our representatives don’t want to campaign the old fashioned way and would rather “rule” the easy way. I heard Pat McD on the radio saying that the legislation was needed because of C4L…but that is not the same story Impy is peddling. Get your story straight ADG.I hear McComas isn’t sure what is going on but she is all for it unless she has to be against it for some reason…
      Tyranny is evil regardless of what flavor it is.

    • RCC Goer says

      Riggggghhhhtttt… someone who is into politics enough to know who Patrick McGrady is switched his affiliation… Yeah.

  9. Justin Vest says

    I can’t believe I’m late to the party on this. I don’t know if the C4L is doing what’s in the party’s best interest (that’s not hedging, I really don’t know). But I definitely know HB-1513 is an evil bill. I wouldn’t be surprised if the strategy came from much higher up; using Harford County as a test bed to see if they can get away with it everywhere else.

  10. RCC Goer says

    This legislation has absolutely ZERO grassroots support, except for perhaps the few anonymous people posting on this thread whose IP address is all probably the same and leads to one Richard Impallaria. Bongino was even trashing it on his show today, and goaded any one of the delegates to call in to defend it. Crickets.