Cash Toll Lanes to Remain on Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge for Another 2 Years

From the Office of Sen. Nancy Jacobs:

Senator Nancy Jacobs of District 34 is pleased to notify the citizens of Cecil and Harford Counties that the Maryland Transportation Authority has agreed to allow the cash lanes to remain at the Hatem Bridge toll facility for the next two years.

“I appreciate the MdTA listening to my concerns and their cooperation and understanding of the needs of the citizens and businesses in Harford and Cecil County” said Senator Nancy Jacobs.

Area residents may recall reading late last fall that the Thomas Hatem bridge was to be the first toll facility in the state to have the cash tolls lanes eliminated, and replaced with electronic tolling. Those drivers who do not have E-ZPass would pay the toll at highway speed via “video tolling” where vehicle license plates are recorded and drivers are mailed a bill after each the trip. That process is already used at the bridge for drivers who do not have a valid E-ZPass or cash. What many drivers don’t understand is that the lack of an E-Zpass transponder results in the billing of 150% of the toll fee for those 2-axle vehicles or $12.00 for each round trip.

The citizens of Harford and Cecil County have been hard hit over the years with a number of toll increases on the Hatem Bridge. What makes this toll bridge unique is that area residents have no means in which to get to Harve de Grace or Perryville without being forced to use the Hatem Bridge or I-95, both which are toll roads.


  1. says

    Thank you, Senator Jacobs.

    I used to shop at Perryville and other places in Cecil County, and make occasional trips to Elkton and Christiana Mall. Since the bridge sticker flat rate plan was removed, I have NOT made a single trip over the bridges.

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    • Rand McNally says

      The Conowingo Dam is still free to cross. Maybe you are just the type that likes to bitch about everything and find some excuse for your behavior?

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      • dam resident says

        why should she cross the dam? then you have to go through port deposit and conowingo? So you do you have anymore dam comments?

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        • Rand McNally says

          Are you some kind of elitist turd? What is the problem with going through Port Deposit or Conowingo? Its really no different than going through Hickory or Fallston. Looks to me like that driver was simply looking for an excuse to not cross into Cecil County for any reason. If the process to get an ezpass were made any simpler than I’m not sure that they should be driving anyway, if they can’t handle it.

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    • John Swift says

      That’s the point: the creeps in Annapolis are doing their best to prevent you, me, and anyone else from crossing the bridge! It’s the gateway to tax-free shopping in DE.

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  2. traveler says

    So she is pleased to announce that cash tolls are going to stay. BUT the price is still going up. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Is that kinda like the tax man saying……Oh no credit card…we take check or cash. They still get ya coming and going. Glad we have representatives that are pleased about something and making sure the commuter can still carry cash to pay the high toll. When are we going to take some of their perks to pay.

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  3. Khar says

    The funny thing is MdTA has previously asserted that a toll collector is less expensive for them than EZPass on a per-car basis, that was their justification when they started charging the monthly account fee.

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  4. Freestate? says

    Lets stay focused here. The story here is O’Malley and the dozens of taxes he has implemented or raised that hurt all of us. This while stealing money we all paid into the Transportation Fund. As for our future Gov. Brown I fear it will be a case of “Meet the new boss same as the old boss”.

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    • OweMalley Fan says

      His name is going to be President OweMalley. He is gonna raise all the taxes and won’t even remember where Maryland is located. Smile for the camera and make it seem that you care about everyone.

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  5. Give me a Break says

    Traveler -are you a Choice A or Choice B E-Zpass holder for the Hatem Bridge? If you are, it’s thanks to Sen. Jacobs that you’re only paying $20 per year for unlimited trips. Wish we had that kinda of deal for the rest of the toll roads/tunnels/bridges in this state. If you don’t have a transponder – then I guess you don’t mind paying $12 instead for a round trip on the Hatem. That’s right, the State nails everyone that doesn’t have an E-ZPass for 150%. That practice is what will be used if they get rid of the cash toll lanes and you don’t have a transponder. Just one more reason for out-of-towners not to visit our area.

    In case you’re interested – cash lanes are being taken down in states all over the country – damn glad the Senator has been able to give us at least two more years!

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  6. fedupwiththebullsh#t says

    So much for the shopping in Delaware…lets show em and just move there instead.

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