Del. Glass: “…BGE Installed a Smart Meter on My Property the Same Day that the Smart Meter Bills Were Killed in the Senate”

From the office of Del. Glen Glass:

Maryland State Delegate Glen Glass will be holding a press conference on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at 11:15AM. The press conference will take place at the top of the steps of the State House.

“Since the introduction of smart meters, the utility companies have displayed various measures which lack transparency between a service provider and their customers,” says Delegate Glen Glass. “These aggressive measures have been implemented to expedite the installation process of smart meters and silence any retractors.”

The past month has opened new revelations pertaining to the topic of smart meters.

Last week, Jonathan Libber, the president of (MSMA), filed a motion for reconsideration with the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) regarding the opt-out Order of February 26th. The motion is requesting an opportunity to review new material, which was confidentially submitted by the utility companies to the PSC, explaining and justifying the high opt-out fees. MSMA, although a party in the case, was not included in the submittal. Ratepayers now have the ability to opt-out but we still have not received an explanation about the excessive forever monthly fees, and the reasons for the high $75 opt out charge.

With the help of Delegate Haddaway-Riccio and other committee members, Economic Matters Committee Chairman Dereck E. Davis promised to send a request to the PSC in reference to obtaining a written justification for the opt-out fees that are placing a huge burden on Maryland citizens. The fees are especially burdensome to the elderly and the poor who choose to opt out.

Delegate Glass also said, “All of this has been compounded by the fact that BGE installed a smart meter on my property the same day that the smart meter bills were killed in the Senate; the utility companies also put a smart meter on the home of Delegate McDermott after he opted out. This should not be viewed as simply a mere coincidence. In fact, this is yet another example of the shear abrasiveness exemplified by the utility companies, showing their disrespect to citizens who want to opt out.”


  1. Glassisanidiot says

    1. You misspelled sheer…

    2. Why can’t you be the one getting in a fight instead of James drunk aide? I can just imagine a drunk glass streaking through Annapolis…

    3. No one cares about smart meters. Get a real job.

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    • MissingReagan says

      So what’s your point? You used the plural of James incorrectly.
      I happen to care about the use of smart meters, so declaring “no one cares” is inaccurate as well.
      People in glass houses….
      Thank you Del. Glass for your efforts.

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      • Strunk & White says

        James is NOT plural in the original comment, it’s possessive.

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        • Original Observer says

          If your use of James in your original comment is possessive, where’s the apostrophe? The proper possessive form would be James’.

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      • Because says

        Why not capitalize on the ignorance and fear of your constituents? Way to go Delegate.

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      • Glassisanidiot says

        The amount of people who care about smart meters in your district is very small… Is that better?

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      Hey Dicktard,

      Delegate Glass makes an excellent point. What you morons don’t understand is that this is nothing more
      than a cash grab by BGE. Maryland taxpayers are already on the hook for $350 million dollars before these meters were even installed.

      What the morons don’t understand is that BGE plans on implementing “PEAK RATE” billing. For the uneducated, it means that when you use power with the old meter, it calculates power usage but it only read once a month. The old meter has no way of knowing power consumption BY HOUR. When usage peaks the power company buys power on the open market and PEAK POWER costs more. With the new smart meters, these meters know EXACTLY how much power your are using an when you are using it (in real time). The power company will soon start billing all of you morons more money because they know your power consumption and when you actually consumed it.

      Additionally, BGE has failed to disclose the fact the smart meters are causing fires and making many people sick.

      Thanks for standing up Delegate Glass and ignore the ass-clowns on this site.

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  2. BillH says

    If the fees are such a burden to the citizens here’s an idea, Don’t opt out.

    It’s no wonder our lawmakers can’t get anything done when solving simple problems are beyond their grasp.

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  3. well... says

    The smart meter on my house rendered my UPS useless. When using the normal sensitivity as it has always worked, it rapid fire switches in and out of service. With sensitivity set at minimum and the low voltage threshold at the minimum, it still exhibits this behavior every few minutes. The meters are to maximize profits. The meter supplier probably fed a kick back to power company execs. Execs won’t shed a tear when they sign the termination of meter readers because they’ll be busy counting their bonuses… which is where the savings will be going in case you were thinking you’d see a reduction in your bill. Go ahead and opt out, they’ll get the savings of cutting their workforce, the savings of jacking the voltage to your house to the absolute minimums, plus the money you’ll have to pay to opt out – all the while telling us it’s for the children. It’s always a win-win when the execs have the Annapolis sissy boys in their pocket.

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    • BillH says

      You are implying they make more money by delivering less electric. That makes no sense.

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      • well... says

        Oh, that’s right… just like if Exxon put less gas in your tank and still charged you the same amount they wouldn’t make any money either… A kilowatt hour is current not voltage. think of it as volume vs. pressure. They aren’t doing ANYTHING without the bottom line (the happy land where bonuses live and make more happy little bonuses) making EVERY decision. You are a source of income – nothing more. The quieter you are while they milk you, the happier they’ll be.

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        • BillH says

          Electricity is sold in watts and thanks for confirming you are clueless.

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        • Because says

          You have other issues. And your electricity is clearly out of whack too. If your UPS died it was because your battery was due for replacement. The smart meter does not change your voltage. It measures your consumption of wattage.

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          • well... says

            It’s me that’s out of whack… but the medication helps. The battery is fresh (<12 months). The UPS didn’t die… it simply rapid fire cuts in and out every few minutes on the least sensitive settings (set it for normal operation and it’s constant). It functions fine at work on the regular circuit in the data center. The troubles began shortly after the meter was installed and I’m not a big fan of coincidence. I wouldn’t expect the meter to adjust voltage since it has no transformer capabilities and I apologize if I gave that impression.

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        • Kharn says

          One watt is defined as one volt multiplied by one amp, so undervolting your house would result in less billable energy.

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          • well... says

            Since I equals V over R and if V (voltage) sags and R(resistance) remains the same, I(current) will drop as well. But, since motors and compressors and such will attempt to do the same work, they’ll pull more current. If wattage is V times I, the best result would be zero sum if the meter compensates for the sag in V so you pay the same. If the V is hard coded and it’s multiplied by a higher I value, your consumption is higher and you’ll pay more.

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  4. Voter says

    Del Glass needs to get a life. It amazes me on the things that come out of his mouth. Who the heck voted for this guy? Apparently a majority voted for him to be in office. Life goes on…….Amazing what our delegates are paid to do and what they actually get accomplished. We have a smart meter on our house and there has been no problem. Maybe you should pick another issue and stop doing the smoke and mirrors.

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  5. Watcher says

    Del. Glass,

    Have you no sense of decency sir? I can’t believe you get a pay check to chase windmills. sickening.

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  6. W.T.F.? says

    Congratulations Glen! (You now have a meter much smarter than you) :)

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  7. noble says

    I was talking to Mr. Glass once for a few minutes and he went into the smart meter issue for about a minute and why they are so horrible, and when he was finished I replied that the cell phones in our pockets emit more harmful waves than the smart meters and that it was a very minor concern of mine compared to the many other massive issues facing us, and he kinda just looked at me with a blank stare and had no reply. It was like he was shocked someone would disagree with his emphasis on this.

    Bigger fish to fry, my friend. Time to try a new lure.

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