Patterson: “We Hope that McDonough, Impallaria, and GOP House Whip, Kathy Szeliga, Wake Up Very Soon to Start Embracing the Tea Party Instead of Opposing Us”

From the Maryland Liberty Political Action Committee, Inc.:


Not only did you defeat HB-1513 this session, you received back up from the MDGOP this weekend.

A resolution was introduced by the Harford and Baltimore County Republican Central Committees condemning HB-1513 and demanding that no similar bill in the future ever be proposed.

Not only was this resolution passed by the more than 300 person body, it passed by voice vote.

When the resolution was presented to the at-capacity crowd of Maryland Republican leaders a loud round of applause was given after the presentation concluded.

HB-1513 bill sponsors, Republicans Pat McDonough, Rick Impallaria, Kathy Szeliga, and the rest of the Harford County delegation have continued to favor HB-1513.

They continue to stand at odds with the state Tea Party movement as well as now the entire Maryland Republican Party leadership.

You may remember that HB-1513 was the Central Committee Packing Scheme proposed to add all of the Republican legislators to the local Central Committee so that they could vote Tea Party activists off of the committee.

You see, bill sponsors McDonough, Impallaria, and Szeliga are not happy with certain Tea Party members.

Their intent with HB-1513 was to micromanage the local Republican Party rather than focus their time in Annapolis fighting to get our liberties back.

If passed, this legislation would have been used to attack Tea Party Republicans all over Maryland.

The politicians in Annapolis work for us, it’s not the other way around.

Be proud today that, against their wishes, we were able to stop the McDonough-Impallaria-Szeliga agenda to purge grassroots activists from the Maryland Republican Party.

Today, we’re glad that Party leaders all over Maryland stand with us!

Maryland Liberty PAC continues to build coalitions with like-minded Republicans around the state to stand up for grassroots conservatives, common sense liberty leadership, and a better Maryland.

We hope that McDonough, Impallaria, and GOP House Whip, Kathy Szeliga, wake up very soon to start embracing the Tea Party instead of opposing us!

Thank you to all of you who mobilized in opposition to HB-1513–your work helped us win on this issue in 2014.

We also extend thanks and gratitude to Republican leaders around Maryland who stood with the Tea Party this weekend in opposition to the actions of these rogue legislators.

Uniting Republicans and Tea Party activists around Maryland will lead our conservative cause to electoral success.

Unapologetic advocacy for solid conservative principles will energize and encourage Marylanders to support Republican candidates.

Maryland Liberty PAC is committed to creating conditions in Maryland where courageous leaders are successful in advocating for REAL pro-freedom legislation!

For Liberty,

Ted Patterson
Executive Director
Maryland Liberty PAC


  1. Keith Gabel says

    “Uniting Republicans and Tea Party activists around Maryland will lead our conservative cause to electoral success.” – This, plus winning enough moderates to get to the magical 50.1% of the vote will bring the conservatives to power. Anything short of that is continued Democrat dominance of the state, for better or for worse.

    • Mr. Moderate says

      As far as I can tell, both groups are “Tweedle Dum,and Tweedle Dee,” so far off the national–and even local mainstream–as to ensure Democratic dominance of and no return to Harford from the state.

  2. mostly blue says

    Just whom does the GOP represent anymore? It used to represent a party that embraced Civil Rights, ADA, Fair Housing Act and many other social issue platforms that actually included people of different backgrounds, ideas and constituencies. More were more middle of the road, right leaning and a rainbow of ideas that made everyone welcome to pursue greater liberty but still provided for an equal and fair shot at the American Dream.

    As I see it, the GOP of now is afraid to take a stand for anything that even Reagan would have approved. The Tea Party started mostly as a tax protest and provided a voice for fiscal responsibility but the extreme right wing has kidnapped its old ideals and now is about opposing Obama at every turn, a party more concerned about the rich and business than the middle class. When asked during the past presidential elections if they would raise taxes if it was balanced with 10 times more in cuts, they all were too afraid to say YES. The TEA party is nothing but a cancer that will destroy any chances the GOP will probably ever win national elections even if they do carry the South. But changes are coming about, the country has a larger Hispanic element that feels the GOP doesn’t represent their interests. Asians and foreign nationals don’t feel the GOP provides them with a voice.

    Between the radical gun lobby, lack of an environmental, health care, efficient energy, gay rights, immigration of women issues this GOP is on its last legs. That’s why the established Republican elected officials would just want you to go away. You won’t! Thank you.

  3. Q says

    Why isn’t C4L/MD Liberty PAC running candidates to unseat McDonough, Impallaria, and Szeliga? Other than the Central Committee race I doubt that any of the few C4L candidates that are running for other elected offices will make it out of the primary election.

  4. mostly blue says

    Why? Because the TEA party doesn’t have electable candidates in Maryland! The establishment doesn’t want to be behold to the strict dogmatic directives of the Tea Party or Campaign for Liberty. If the GOP wants to remain relevant in urban areas, appeal to the larger voting block of say, women or the middle class, they would need to actually develop a platform that includes those groups and their needs. The TEA party is not sophisticated enough and approaches government functioning as a balance sheet where social programs, the elderly, the poor and those most vulnerable would bear the cost of balancing the budget. Congressman Ryan has some good ideas but even he doesn’t have the clout to propose anything radical enough to cut loopholes, tax heavens, or eliminate carry over losses from prior years. Corporate welfare runs rampant in the country. Nearly 40% of jobs depend on direct investment in areas such as aerospace, defense, information, digital technology, drone development, defense and corporate tax law.

  5. K says

    Well done MDGOP, Harford and Baltimore County Central Committees, Maryland Liberty PAC, and C4L!

  6. James cook says

    I joined the tea party so I can party like Trey Radel and Vance McAllister!!!!!!

    Bring on the drugs and loose wimmens!!!!

  7. James says

    Patterson, I am surprised you didn’t ask for a donation in your press release as you did in your emails. Del. Szeligia and Congressman Harris are onto you folks. You are not republicans and are just using C4L cover to raise funds for you and McGrady. I think even most Harford C4L members are discovering your self-serving scheme to gin up any controversy you can to raise funds to pay your consulting fees and send business to cronies…

  8. Hank says

    I wish the Tea Party would just split off from the Republican Party completely to form their own political party. We need a 3rd party anyway. The Democrats and stay on the left, Republican can be in the middle/right, and the Tea Party can be on the far right and take the loonies like Palin, that whack job woman from Delaware whose name I can’t remember, etc with them.

    If they actually have viable candidates then they shouldn’t have any problems getting them elected. as their own party. This country is in desperate need for a 3rd party and has been for years. Here’s your chance.

    • Because says

      Love to see that, but what percentage of the Republican party still believes in the Republicans of Lincoln and Eisenhower?

      • B says

        Wrong and ill informed as usual Because. Below is part of the Republican Party platform from Ike’s reelection. Sounds pretty close to conservative positions today. However, if we look at the tax cuts called for by Kennedy to boost the economy, we see which party has truly radicalized over the last century. But like you good lib, throw it out there and see if it sticks.

        “We hold that the major world issue today is whether Government shall be the servant or the master of men. We hold that the Bill of Rights is the sacred foundation of personal liberty. That men are created equal needs no affirmation, but they must have equality of opportunity and protection of their civil rights under the law.

        We hold that the strict division of powers and the primary responsibility of State and local governments must be maintained, and that the centralization of powers in the national Government leads to expansion of the mastery of our lives,

        We hold that the protection of the freedom of men requires that budgets be balanced, waste in government eliminated, and taxes reduced.

        In these and all other areas of proper Government concern, we pledge our best thought and whole energy to a continuation of our prized peace, prosperity and progress.

        For our guidance in fulfilling this responsibility, President Eisenhower has given us a statement of principles that is neither partisan nor prejudiced, but warmly American:

        The individual is of supreme importance.

        The spirit of our people is the strength of our nation.

        America does not prosper unless all Americans prosper.

        Government must have a heart as well as a head.

        Courage in principle, cooperation in practice make freedom positive.

        To stay free, we must stay strong.

        Under God, we espouse the cause of freedom and justice and peace for all peoples. Embracing these guides to positive, constructive action, and in their rich spirit, we ask the support of the American people for the election of a Republican Congress and the re-election of the Nation’s devoted and dedicated leader—Dwight D. Eisenhower.”

    • Pavel314 says

      There is the Libertarian Party but nobody takes them seriously. Their “we’ll leave you alone” message can’t compete with the “look what we’ll give you” message of the major parties.

      I will never give another vote to McDonough, Impallaria, or Szeliga after their HB-1513 power grab attempt; in the future, I’ll vote for anyone running against any one of them.

  9. William Munny says

    It,s a sad state of affairs in this country when limited government, and personal responsibility are considered wacky fringe beliefs.

    The political class may not appreciate the C4L tactics but I rarely hear any of them argue intelligently against the principles that motivate the group. If McGrady and Patterson, or any other C4L member, was profiting from donations we can be sure the evidence would stack up fast.

    The fact is our elected officials are playing us for fools and they do not like anyone shining a light on their activities. All the sheep providing cover for the self-serving elected officials should be ashamed.
    Don’t be a Sheep

    • Arturro Nasney says

      When are some of you going to realize that the “Tea Party” is not a political party? It is a movement. Most of the people who back the less governent/less intrusiveness are in fact registered republicans. BUT, there are also a huge number of independants, democrats, libertarians, greens, etc. who have aligned themselves with the Tea Party movement.
      For those of you who toss grenades at anyone YOU deem to be a tea partier, what are you afraid of? Why the torrent of hate and non-inclusiveness? Is it simply a matter of fearing the unknown, or perhaps competition with you route step thinking bother you.