Harford Campaign for Liberty May 27: “Have You Ever Wondered How Your Elected Officials Spend Your Money? “

From Harford Campaign for Liberty:

May 27, 2014
7 pm – 9 pm
Knights of Columbus Hall
23 Newport Drive
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Have you ever wondered how your elected officials spend your money?

That’s right! YOUR MONEY.

You pay for conditional loans and aging helicopters that may not be on your wish list. Join us this month as we examine your taxpayer dollars at work.

Featured Speakers

Christina Trotta
Mike Perrone
Jeff Gahler

Free admission
Cash bar available
Visit our website http://www.harfordliberty.org


    • BillH says

      Only vote for people with solutions, if all they can tell me is how bad the other guy is, it means they don’t have a plan.

      Any other stupid questions?

      • Reelect the Sheriff says

        The solution is to have the taxpayer pay more in support of what government needs to do, but the republicans do not support that solution. They don’t understand that more is better. Their plan is to reduce spending and consolidate government into more alleged efficient units and functions. Just how naive can they be?

        • 2 cents says

          The taxpayer hasn’t been asked to pay more now than before. When was the last time that Harford County raised the property tax rate? It has been lowered twice during the current administration and coupled with the drop in values the effective rate is much lower now than it has been in probably 15 years. It is fine to question but even better to actually participate in the budget process so that the people can be involved in how their government spends the taxes it collects. Just to make stupid comments about government spending without any other proposal is typical of the Tea Party and Campaign for Liberty.

          • Reelect the Sheriff says

            That’s exactly my point. Those republicans have lowered taxes several times and they want to shrink government under the guise that government can operate more efficiently. We need more money…. not less money.

            The Sheriff got us a donated used helicopter because we didn’t have enough money to get a new one. This thing is really cool and lots of fun for our Deputies. His plan was to pay for it using money we get from the drug busts. At some point in the near future we will need money from the government to keep this thing flying but the republicans don’t seem to care about that. They just want to hold down taxes and make people happy. Like you say……it’s really stupid.

      • B says

        So what you are saying is that you did not support Obama and his kill Romney platform

        • Marc A Eaton says

          @Reelect, I can see how you believe this. I mean the Oweconomy is booming. Jobs are coming back to the US. Welfare and food stamps and unemployment are at an all time low. Our Veterans have the best health care that we are now also getting. Our national debt is under 18 trillion dollars. Murders, gangs and gang related crimes are down in the County. Our schools are doing great. We are paying the lowest rate in taxes in years, gas is $1.00 dollar a gallon. No homeless or hunger anywhere in the country. Yep, you libaturds have us on the correct path.

          • Reelect the Sheriff says

            The simple fact is that it takes money to run government. The police will not work for free and your pension or disability or whatever it is that you get paid every month in addition to your second government job will end without money from the taxpayer. If you want an increase in your pension (COLA) then it takes money, if you want an increase in your salary, it takes money.

            Sheriff Bane wants more money for operational costs and he wants more money for additional personnel. This Gahler guy thinks that you can get more effective policing by eliminating some of the units we have in the HCSO and consolidating some of the units together to provide more deputies for citizen response. All this is going to do is piss people off. How would you like it if you had a 8 to 4, monday through friday position, with the opportunity to get unlimited overtime at your choosing, and then all of a sudden you are assigned back to patrol with a rotating schedule, having to respond to many of the silly calls for service that citizens call in? Sheriff Bane understands this is not in the deputies best interest and he wants to get more people and create more units so that deputies can have a more comfortable family life. Sheriff Bane gets it and he should be reelected.

  1. Hedley Lamarr says

    So what Bill H is saying I will vote for people that tell me what I want to hear, and when they still come thru I will vote for the next liar that tells me what I want to hear. Way to go Bill H, that is a great approach.

  2. Incredible says

    I think the issue is that there are not enough women or homosexuals in government positions. There needs to be a push for women and homosexuals to take over political offices!

    • RUNNZ says

      Gotta agree with Incrediable..Only .. What about all the outta work, Pegasises ,, they deserve a chance..Where would this gov. be with out them and their Pixie dust….Just sayin