Slain Harford County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Identified as Longtime Veterans


Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon (left); Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey (right) (

The two Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies killed in a shooting incident at an Abingdon shopping center Wednesday were identified as longtime members of the agency.

At a press conference Thursday morning, Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said the two deputies killed a day earlier were Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey, a 30-year veteran and member of the Sheriff’s Office Court Services Division; and Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon, a 16-year veteran and member of the agency’s Community Services Division.

Dailey served in the United States Marine Corps, Gahler said, and is survived by his girlfriend, mother, and two sons. He was also a member of the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company for 37 years, having joined on his 16th birthday, the company said in a statement. Dailey served nine years on its board of directors and was chairman of its By-laws Committee. Dailey’s sons Tyler, 17, and Bryan, 20, are also members of the company. (Story continues below.)


Dailey, center, with sons Tyler and Bryan. (Photo courtesy of Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company)

Logsdon was a U.S. Army veteran, the sheriff said, and is survived by his wife, three children, and his parents.

Gahler provided additional details about the incident, which began when Dailey responded to the Panera Bread in the Boulevard at Box Hill shopping center at 11:46 a.m. A caller alerted police to the presence of David Brian Evans, 68, of no fixed address, who was wanted in Florida on a criminal warrant for assaulting a police officer and fleeing custody and in Harford County on a Circuit Court civil writ.

According to Gahler, Dailey went to the back of the restaurant and attempted to speak to Evans. Evans, who Gahler said was aware of the warrant out for him, “almost immediately” produced a handgun and shot Dailey in the head before fleeing the scene. Gahler said another deputy began to administer first aid as restaurant patrons, none of whom were injured in the shooting, pointed other officers in the directions Evans fled.

Additional deputies and other law enforcement officers, including Logsdon, arrived and established a perimeter around the area. Logsdon identified and approached Evans’ vehicle, the sheriff said, but shots were fired from the vehicle and struck Logsdon. Gahler said it appeared that Logsdon was able to return at least three rounds at Evans. Other deputies approaching the vehicle opened fire and killed Evans; a semi-automatic handgun was recovered from his person.

Funeral and memorial arrangements for Dailey and Logsdon have not been finalized, Gahler said. A GoFundMe page has been set up through the Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union Benevolent Fund to assist Dailey and Logsdon’s families. Donations may also be mailed directly to the fund at: HCDSU Benevolent Fund, P.O. Box 881, Bel Air, MD 21014.

Governor Larry Hogan ordered flags to fly at half-staff in the wake of the tragedy, beginning Thursday and continuing.

“Anytime law enforcement or first responders lose their lives in the line of duty, it is a tragedy and today’s violence in Abingdon and the deaths of two Harford County sheriff’s deputies is nothing less than absolutely heartbreaking,” Hogan said in a statement. “Our administration is committed to assisting Harford County during this investigation, and the Maryland State Police are working closely with local law enforcement to provide support as needed.”

“The First Lady and I send our most sincere thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones of the brave deputies who made the ultimate sacrifice today for the community they selflessly served,” the governor added. “It is my hope that their commitment and dedication to law enforcement and protecting others will be remembered and will forever serve as an inspiration to others.”

The deaths of Dailey and Logsdon come more than three years after the Sheriff’s Office lost two deputies in the span of a week, but a century since a deputy was last killed in a violent attack.

Charles Licato, 34, was killed in a late-night car crash on his way home from his shift on Sept. 6, 2012. Ian Loughran, 43, died at his Pylesville on Sept. 13, 2012; according to the Sheriff’s Office, he unknowingly began suffering heart attack symptoms during Licato’s funeral. Both Licato and Loughran’s deaths were considered line of duty deaths by the Sheriff’s Office.

According to historical information, Deputy Frank Bateman was shot and killed on June 10, 1899 while attempting to serve a drunk and disorderly warrant in Bel Air.

From the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.:

It is with a heavy heart that the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company shares the loss of active life member Patrick “Pat” B. Dailey. On February 10, Pat was working his full time employment as a Harford County Sheriff Deputy when he and another Deputy were shot and killed in the line of duty.

Pat dedicated his life to protecting his community. He joined the JMVFC on his 16th birthday and served actively for 37 years. Pat spent 9 years on the JMVFC Board of Directors and served as the Chairman of the By-Laws Committee. In addition to being a Fireman and Police Officer, Pat also served in the United Stated Marine Corps.

Pat is survived by his two sons, Tyler 17 and Bryan 20, his girlfriend and his mother. Both Tyler and Bryan followed in their Father’s footsteps and joined the JMVFC. Funeral arrangements are pending.

At this time, the JMVFC has no additional comment. We are taking this time to support Pat’s family and the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.) today issued the following statement on the shooting deaths of two Harford County sheriff’s deputies killed in the line of duty in Abingdon on Wednesday:

“I join all Marylanders in expressing my most heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of Harford County Sheriff’s Deputies Patrick Dailey and Mark Logsdon. My thoughts and prayers are with their families, friends, and loved ones.

“Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Dailey served on the force for more than 30 years. He was also a Marine veteran. After serving his country, he continued his service to protect the people of Harford County as both a sheriff’s deputy and a member of the Joppa Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company. For him, one job dedicated to service wasn’t enough. My heart goes out to his girlfriend, mother and two sons.

“Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Logsdon spent 16 years in service with Harford County law enforcement, committed to his community and people he loved. He was also a veteran of our Armed Forces, serving in the U.S. Army. A true example of selflessness, he dedicated his life to defending America and protecting the people of Harford County. We pray for comfort for his wife, three children and parents during this difficult time.

“Day in and day out, our law enforcement are on the front lines keeping families and communities safe. Every day they report for duty, not knowing what they will face. But still they go, driven by their desire to protect their fellow Americans. Deputies Dailey and Logsdon responded without hesitation to the call of duty. We are eternally grateful for their service and the service of all officers who selflessly protect innocent bystanders from harm.”

Preliminary information released from McComas Funeral Home about the viewing and funeral for Deputy Dailey is:

Patrick “Pat” B. Dailey
3/5/1963 – 2/10/2016

Mountain Christian Church
1824 Mountain Road
Joppa, MD 21085
Mon 2/15/2016 2p-9p
Tue 2/16/2016 2p-9p

Mountain Christian Church
1824 Mountain Road
Joppa, MD 21085
Wed 2/17/2016 10a

Additional and more specific information will be released over the next few days from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. Mike Welsh says

    My sincere condolences to the families of both Officers, and to the entire Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

    This incident once again reminds us of the danger that is ever present in our world today, and the men and women who serve our communities to help provide a reasonably safe environment for use to live.

    For our friends at The Dagger, I believe there is an error in paragraph 7 of the above article. Should read: “but shots were fired from the vehicle and struck Logsdon” instead of struck Evans.

  2. Skootie says

    These heroes dedicated their careers to serving and defending our country and their community, and sacrificed their lives protecting the citizens of Harford County. They faced death without fear, showing extrodinary heroism and selflessness at the cost of their own lives. I can’t imagine the pain their family, friends and brothers and sisters on the force are experiencing, but their service and sacrifice will NEVER be forgotten.

  3. Tony V says

    My family would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of these fine officers that lost their lives protecting any and all of us that live in, work in, or visit Harford County. I can not imagine the pain that these families have and will endure. Our condolences to the co-workers and all of the law enforcement in Harford County, you have all suffered a loss and my family does appreciate the risk that you all take each and every day when you go to work. God Bless.

  4. Jaguar Judy says

    And thanks to Mountain Christian Church for stepping up to be the host for all of these very sad times. It’s a great church for people who want a friendly welcome and great programs for adults and children.

    • Cry Baby Soul Crusher says

      Really? I don’t this is the time to promote a Churches program and services. They should have had this at the community college. At least their the road won’t be closed for half a day! Plenty of parking and seating.

      • Jaguar Judy says

        “They” should have had this at HCC? And just who is ‘they”? The family? The HCSO? It certainly wasn’t the church that begged to have it on their site. Why don’t you stop and think for a minute before you shoot off your mouth? Sorry you were inconvenienced for a minute by the death of someone who was sworn to protect and defend you, and died doing it. The next funeral is at HCC. And the disruption will be just as bad. Cry Baby is an appropriate name that you have chosen for yourself.

      • Alex R says

        Agree with Judy. The church hasn’t said a word about themselves anywhere that I have seen. They are doing the community a great service at the request of the family and the HCSO and others in the County. Sorry a tragedy in our community has inconvenienced you for a moment Cry Baby. Next time there is a tragedy of this scale here in Harford County maybe it can be scheduled while you are away on vacation.

        • Keesha Jackson says

          Alex, Sarcasm really is your native tongue. But maybe Cry Baby could actually relocate somewhere permanently rather than just the occasional vacation.

      • ALEX R says

        Cry Baby Soul Crusher,

        You are right that the road at HCC wouldn’t be closed for half a day. Actually it was multiple roads around HCC for longer than half a day. Plus I95 and I695 and I83.

        I checked the meaning of the word ‘moron’ in the dictionary. Your picture was next to it.

  5. Harford County Concerned says

    “Deputies Dailey and Logsdon responded without hesitation to the call of duty.”

    Divorcee Deputy Dailey put a lot of lives at risk in a restaurant by approaching a person so casually who was the suspect of a call. The department should have ran his name through their system before sending ONE Officer in a crowded restaurant. They knew his story…they wife told it just minutes ago at headquarters.

    I am thankful Evans did not turn his weapon on the patrons of Panera. This would have been a bloodbath since Marylanders are not allowed to protect themselves.

    Lastly, Dailey devoted 30 years to the force. Would it not be more honorable to say to his boys….his community that he had a successful marriage for 30 years?

    Sometimes we have to realize if we make longterm mistakes, blessings will no longer follow us in life.

    • Ms Manners says

      While you have your right to free speech, it was inappropriate on your part to chose this spot to express your views.

      • Ms. Manners Neighbor says

        The Dagger Press has provided this forum online as a free speech site. Therefore if you want to read filtered posts and news. I suggest you continue to read the mainstream media news and threads. In the meantime, I challenge you to dispell any of my facts.

        • Keesha Jackson says

          Free speech even includes stupid speech I guess. Well, if that is the best you can do Miss Manners Neighbor.

    • NeverCease2BeAmazed says

      You, Sir or Madam, are an ass.

      You can look back at my previous comments. I have never called anyone a name before on these pages. I could not resist after reading your sanctimonious garbage.

    • Harford Resident says

      “since Marylanders are not allowed to protect themselves”

      Yup – all we needed in there was a restaurant full of customers shooting weapons at each other That would have really solved the problem. The only result would have been more wounded and God forbid, dead.

      • Harford County Conceal Carry says

        Yeah…you’re right…just one man…Evans…shooting up the place…while everyone else just crys and stares helpless. That’s the world you want to live in.

  6. Panera Bread Survivor says

    I am stating out loud what many many people are thinking. Deputy Pat Dailey put everyone in that restaurant at risk by his casual approach to a wanted suspect. He should have requested and waited for back-up. Approached the suspect with caution, etc. He did not have to die nor the second Deputy.

    • Sesame Bagel says

      You are stating out loud what YOU are thinking. What you are thinking and stating is your opinion.

    • Open Your Eyes says

      When I read Panera Bread Survivors comment it made me think back when I was a police officer and there was an accident involving a public transportation bus. The first officer on the scene would have to direct the bus driver to lock the bus doors immediately. This prevented people who were not involved or present at the time of the accident from getting on and making uniformed statements or otherwise providing misinformation for their own personal reasons or possible gains. My father once told me that someone will never know how smart or STUPID you are until you open your mouth. Maybe we should wait for the entire incident to be fully investigated before we stat to editorialize.

    • Hank says

      Feel free to submit an application, go through the academy, and put on a uniform, vest, and gun belt every day for the next 30 years if you think you could do better.

    • Ura Moron says

      If I were in that Panera Bread, I would be spending a lot more time being grateful and a lot less time second guessing the actions of a deputy with 30 years experience.
      You say Deputy Dailey put the customers at risk??? Dude. You were sitting in a restaurant with a bad man carrying a gun who was crazy enough to shoot a deputy without a word.
      ….you don’t see how lucky you are?

  7. Forty_under_Porty says

    I believe it is always easy to make the right decision when you are not in the situation. At this point, it does no good to dwell on what should have been done or what YOU would do. We teach history to learn about others, not to harp on what you would do. Please have the respect of these brave men’s families as they deal with losing a family member. If you choose to become a police officer or you are a police officer, I am sure the brave men and women will talk about this situation in the academy. All I ask is for you to respect the families and respect what these men and women do every day which is approach danger to protect the civilians of their community.

    • Ed Yutainmint says

      40s under Porty – “it is always easy to make the right decision when you are not in the situation.” Well said.