True Democratic Club of Harford County Forms; Organizational Meeting Feb. 22 in Edgewood

From the True Democratic Club of Harford County:

The True Democratic Club of Harford County (TDC) will host its first organizational meeting at 7 p.m. at the Southern Precinct of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office on Pulaski Highway in Edgewood on Wednesday February 22. The purpose of the new political club is to promote public participation from the grassroots, precinct level by Democratic Party members in the politics of Harford County, the state and nation.

Meetings will be run strictly according to Robert’s Rules of Order for the benefit of all members. The club will allow Democratic Party candidates to participate in functions of the club and will not endorse primary election candidates. General election candidates may be endorsed by the club and it is generally expected that the club will endorse them.

A major emphasis of the club will be grassroots, precinct-level organization. Harford County has over 90 precincts and TDC’s goal is to have members working in all of the county’s precincts, on registration, voter turnout and overall public participation. It may be that a condition for becoming a club member is that members will have to assume shared responsibility for tasks to be done in each precinct. This and other key organization principles will need to be confirmed by members in the upcoming and subsequent meetings.

Organizing members are Christopher Boardman, Jansen Robinson, Dion Guthrie and Mary Dulany-James. For further information call 410-679-6704 or attend the Feb. 22 meeting.


  1. Curious says

    I am assuming that this is open to all county Democrats, not just those in the Edgewood area. Is this club organizing as an alternative to the New Democratic Club that meets in Aberdeen? Politics in this area are confusing.

    • says

      A better a name for the club would be the Alternative-Democratic Club of Harford.County (ADC)..or the Guthrie. Democratic Club .There is no such thing as “the true democratic club” The Dems cant win in South Harford anymore because they are divided

      • Curious says

        I have lived in the area for 11 years but find the Democrats here very old school and poor listeners (not that most of the country’s Democrats aren’t the same way). I am considering a potential run for County Council in 2018 or 2020, but the thought of having to associate with the Democratic Club is very off putting.

        • Mike Callahan says

          Run as an Independent Democrat! The only elected Democrat in Annapolis is Mary Lisanti. She is not listed as a founding member of the TDC but she is a political sister of Mary Delany-James. James and Guthrie were defeated in last county election and are trying to set up a political apparatus to return to elected office. Jansen Robinson was elected to the School Board last election. He ran against a white-supremacist Republican last time and also stood up against Dulaney-James for not apoligizing for her racist legislative assistants assinine behavior during the election.(He got into a drunken fight with his brother in Annapolis and told police he was beaten by a “tall black man”.) The Dems are a bloody mess. The two clubs should bury the hatchet , unite and they’d be unbeatable. Instead there likely to be preparing for another self destructing donnybrook primary .An Independent Democrat might have a better shot at winning!!!!!

          • Ralph says

            What is an Independent Democrat. Is that someone who is a Democrat but does not want to admit it, or someone who is really a Democrat but is ashamed of how his Democrat brothers and sisters are behaving? Please explain.

          • SoulCrusher says

            I guess you could say Bernie Sanders is an independent democrat. He ran on the democratic ticket, but is an independent elected from his state to the senate.

          • says

            I just meant independent of the two squabbling Dem clubs. Join both. or join none.
            Use them to get out your vote. But limit your connection to the club agenda unless you totally agree with there central ideas.Dont follow leaders, watch out for parking meters. Be independent of mind with-in the Democratic party. Be a maverick, dont be a mook! .And always remember and never forget, Republican is in the dictionary between reptile and repugnant!

          • SoulCrusher says

            Your district will never vote democrat. The jerry mandering of your district to include the Eastern Shore in your district prevents this. However, I’ve watched two elections and have noticed that the voters of your county blindly vote republican no matter what. Your county’s royal family, the Cassilly’s have been anointed to forever hold office. Even when one claims he’s stepping down, he just changes his prerogative and rescinds his own letter of resignation. This family uses each other’s office to further the others office time and time again. They even introduced legislation to get the other brother a raise, but I think he’ll be forced to step down and not take part in the next election. You have a lot of political corruption up there but corruption is part of politics. Politicians are corrupt. Doesn’t matter if its republicans or democrats or even Cassilly’s, the money gets funneled right into the politician’s pocket. That’s where your tax dollars go……

          • SoulCrusher says

            In this state, the combined salaries of just the house of delegate’s and the general assembly comes out to $8,178,000.00 and they are allowed to keep their current jobs, mostly lawyers, as long as their position doesn’t include another position of state government or has an effect on the government of the regional areas they represent. They then use their influence to profit from other regions of the state and/or launder money from events and organizations they sponsor. Even if its including other family members as campaign and election workers, they keep the money flowing into the coffers of their friends, family and politically like minded individuals all over the state. It’s a racket in itself. Just remember, the Maryland tax payers pay $8,178,000.00 to a group of political crones that seem to pass laws that effect absolutely no one in a positive way except themselves. This includes legislation that allows the entire criminal justice system to act as an Organized Crime Syndicate regarding CDS, including Marijuana. This Organized Crime Syndicate allows the immunity of criminal prosecution for any law they break, including acts of domestic terrorism and racketeering involving CDS, for fun and profit. This Organized Crime Syndicate is nothing but a harvester of sorrow and has destroyed the lives of everyone they touch. They treat citizen’s as enemy combatants of war regarding CDS, even though addiction is a disease. Maryland is a terrorist state and they intend to terrorize the population as long as the public allows it…..

  2. Joe Belair says

    But how can you do this without Art? Don’t you know that he has a primary residence in most of those 90+ precincts?

  3. Hmmm says

    This is all about organizing Rt 40 Democrats for the next election. None of these organizing members are fans of Helton’s club. Each will be running to recapture lost previously held elected offices or building their political resumes.

  4. Krissys red line choo choo / where be NHD? says

    Modified Boardman style:
    Meetings will be run striktly akkording to Robert’s Rules of Order for the benefit of all members. The klub will allow Demokratic Party kandidates to participate in funktions of the klub and will not endorse primary elektion kandidates. General elektion kandidates may be endorsed by the klub and it is generally expekted that the klub will endorse them.

  5. Mr.Jackson says

    Are any of these founding this club under 50 years old? Time for new young blood. Krist has never won any kind of election, D 34 got tired of Dion’s self promoting babbling. M D James won on her fathers name. Does she even live in HarCo? Jansen is the only decent dem in this bunch.

    • Independant Registered Republican says

      Mr. Jackson, you so are well informed. Dion seemed to be about Dion…does anyone actually know what he accomplished while on the council? M D James certainly ran under her father, the Senate Presidents name because no one would have known who Mary Dulaney was. Jansen…well, I’ll take your word as I’m not familiar enough to agree or disagree :-). Kudos though to your insight and knowledge.

  6. Disgruntled Dem says

    Jansen, Dion and Mary-Dulaney or Helton, Helton and Harrison? Like choosing between brain cancer or lung cancer. What a s%*tshow.


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