Sen. Jennings: “I, Along with Several of My Fellow Republicans, Walked off the Senate Floor in Protest of Such a Disrespectful Act”

From State Sen. J.B. Jennings:

The Maryland Defense Act (SJ5)

Thursday was a sad day in the Maryland State Senate. In a rush to pass legislation to give Maryland’s Attorney General unlimited power to file any suit against the Trump Administration, Senate leadership rushed the bill through committee hearings and brought it to the Senate floor, refusing to give Republicans a day to look at the proposal and make potential amendments (which is common courtesy in the beginning of session). I, along with several of my fellow Republicans, walked off the Senate floor in protest of such a disrespectful act. Our actions had nothing to do with the subject matter of the resolution, but rather the civility that should have been shown to members who deserved the opportunity to read and fully understand the proposed legislation. While the bill states that the attorney general must inform the governor of any action he intends to take against the Trump Administration, ultimately the governor cannot stop the attorney general from taking action.

Common Sense Paid Sick Leave

This past week I also heard over 10 hours of testimony at the Paid Sick Leave hearing. Governor Hogan has introduced legislation to provide common sense, balanced paid sick leave benefits that have the potential to cover nearly all working Marylanders without placing an unmanageable burden on job creators. Businesses with 50 or more employees will be required to offer paid sick leave totaling at least 40 hours per year, with the ability for employees to roll over a maximum of 40 hours each year. The proposal also calls for part-time employees to be covered after a minimum of 30 working hours. Additionally, Maryland small business job creators with fewer than 50 employees that choose to offer paid sick leave will be eligible for tax relief incentives.

Public School Charter Act

The recent confirmation of Betsy DeVos for US Department of Education Secretary has brought a lot of attention to the issue of charter schools. Maryland’s current public charter school law is both restrictive and vague, which makes the state unable to compete for millions of dollars of Federal Charter School Program grants. Under Governor Hogan’s Public School Charter Act of 2017, legislation will create the Maryland Public Charter School Authority, which will seek to give charter schools increased autonomy and exemption from local laws regarding issues like curriculum, textbooks, class size and staffing ratio. This legislation also creates a new funding mechanism for public charter schools, where state investments would be delivered directly to the schools. Currently, allocations are disbursed by local boards of education, which have funded public charter schools at far lesser rates than traditional schools.

Harford County’s Day of Remembrance

I was honored to join representatives from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office to pay tribute to Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey and Deputy First Class Mark Logsdon, who were killed in the line of duty one year ago on Friday, February 10th.

GOP Caucus Reception with the Governor

This week I had the opportunity to meet with Governor Hogan and the entire GOP caucus at Government House to discuss the 2017 legislative agenda

Thank you for your continued interest in Maryland’s 2017 Legislation Session, and please stay tuned for next week’s Annapolis update. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your feedback on the issues I’ve outlined today, or anything else of importance to you and your family. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

J.B. Jennings


    • Harford County Constitutionalist says

      If they are here illegally or not citizens then they are not Marylander’s who need protection. The crime here is that every electronic communication is snooped and when the establishment needs some intel the just fire up the old NSA search engine and see what they got on you. 1984 here we come.

      • SoulCrusher says

        Agreed, the White House leaks are criminal and are being used to collar Trump’s administration. Should the White House leaks reveal a crime committed by a cabinet member, then two crimes should be investigated. The leak itself and any criminal act by the former cabinet member, However, I do believe that former cabinet members privacy was compromised by the recording of his conversation, unless he was in a public area where no privacy is expected.

  1. Big J says

    Mr. Senator, you should be very concerned with the treasonous actions of our president and his administration colluding with the Russians. Forget the ‘towing the party line’ garbage. The American electorate is sick and tired of politician after politician serving only the needs of advancing a personal, or party agenda. Stand up for what is right for our country! Serve THE PEOPLE, not your party! You are a public servant. The American public deserves answers. We cannot afford our great Democracy to be undermined. You want to make America great again? Start by asking the tough questions!

    • Keesha Jackson says

      Big J,

      The toughest question I have asked myself recently is “Should Hillary Clinton be President?” The answer was very easy. No. No. No. The second question I asked was should she go to jail? The answer was nearly as easy. YES. YES. YES. That’s why Trump won and she didn’t. This country didn’t need another 4 years of the failed Obama policies and so she was rejected. The LibDems thought they could screw Sanders over and get her in and they demonstrated a willingness to lie, cheat and do whatever else it took. And it blew up in their face. And they will continue to throw their daily tantrums but no one is listening except the complicit media. Have a nice day.

      • leroy says

        Why do you Trump snowflakes always bring up Hillary? She won the popular vote but lost the election. Get over it already and own this train wreck of a President. He s the working class President he represents you now get on you jet and head off to your Florida resort for the weekend. You deserve the vacation.

        • Keesha Jackson says

          Actually, Leroy, I am writing this from my Florida vacation. And don’t call me a ‘snowflake’ you white cracker. Hillary was a scheming, conniving joke who got caught with her pants down. How many millions of dollars did her campaign and her foundation make from countries who throw gays off buildings because they are gay while she arranges for Slick Willie to give speeches on site.

          • libertarian says

            I think political speech just may be protected speech plus leroy didn’t specifically call you that, but you certainly suggested in my opinion a less than appropriate term to characterize leroy. Just in case you are not familiar with the US Constitution, because even the current president seems not to be, I have included this useful passage in quotes below:

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

            This is why your political opinion no matter how misguided and in the minority it is perceived to be is protected speech.

            Have a great day!

          • leroy says

            Keesha I seriously can’t answer your question but I’m sure you have thoroughly investigated the claims you make and will provide us all the answers we lack.

  2. Jubal Early says

    In Maryland the Attorney General is directly elected by the people. I see no reason why the Governor should exercise any control over the office.

  3. hmm... says

    Unlimited power… now honestly, which ones of you don’t hear Emperor Palpatine shouting “UUUNNNNLLLIMMMMIIITTTEDDD POWWWERRRR!” in your head right now… hmmm?

  4. Billvan says

    Senator Jennings;
    Don’t waste your time submitting articles to The Dagger Press as it’s just become a place for disgruntled liberals and progressives. If you read the comments, throughout the various articles, you’ll see there are about 5 people using numerous pseudonyms to disguise their identities.
    If you look back a few years ago you’ll see The Dagger Press, under previous leadership, had stories of substance; however, today I don’t know of anybody who even follows it. For me, I just happened to click on your article because I get email notifications from them on new articles. I normally automatically delete those notifications but I wanted to read your article. Thanks for making the effort to let the public know about your concerns in Annapolis; they are well founded and it’s a shame how discourteous the minority is treated. However; after reading the ridiculous partisan comments I would suggest you find another way to communicate your to your constituency. I’m absolutely convinced that this internet publication, unfortunately, has exhausted it’s usefulness!

  5. Mr. Jackson says

    Big J. How about your party serving the people. The Dems in Md only care about keeping their party in power. The PEOPLE in Md. voted Larry Hogan for a reason. Dems just can’t get over losing. The PEOPLE have spoken. Keep up the good work Mr. Jennings, Gov. Hogan and President Trump. I expect many crying whining remarks after this. Will be good for a laugh.

  6. I'm afraid of Americans says

    I can’t believe for one second that any Democrat federal worker in this state thinks it’s a great idea for us to sue Trump. If you do, please tell us all how it would benefit your job, your family and your state.

  7. HYDESMANN says

    I don’t think it is a good idea to sue the federal gov. on behalf of illegal aliens and criminals. Giving any attorney general ( let alone the super liberal/progressive/socialist Frosh) unilateral power to sue on behalf of the state is a bad idea. How bad? Just look at how fast it was rushed through. I can hear the dems now ” we have to pass it fast to know what’s in it. Three cheers for Sen. Jennings and America.

  8. kelly says

    “I, along with several of my fellow Republicans, walked off the Senate floor in protest of such a disrespectful act”


    • Keesha Jackson says

      Well, kelly, he represents me and my values and beliefs, and what he did was EXACTLY THE JOB I SENT HIM THERE TO DO. If you don’t like it, too bad for you. Frosh and the LibDems got exactly what they wanted and used an illegal method to do it. The method used can ONLY be used when no funding is required. Moments after it passed the AG’s office requested 1 MILLION DOLLARS of our money to implement it. What goes around comes around. Just ask Harry Reid.

  9. Hedley Lamarr says

    YAY! A move that makes perfect sense and finally speaks volumes of what the people need. Oh, not the sniveling pouty conservatives that vacated their post in misalignment to the people they work for, the passed legislation. They should stay off the floor where you can do no further harm.

  10. SoulCrusher says

    Everyone should remember, if you sue the Feds there will be consequences. Maryland can not exist without Federal Funding. If Trump defunds Maryland, well, I hope you all get the big picture. I don’t know, maybe its time for Maryland to lose its sovereignty. Maryland has become a beacon for corruption. How many state have given criminal immunity to Law Enforcement while investigating and enforcing CDS laws? How many states allow governing by intimidation thru the use of Law Enforcement? How many states have actually allowed the use of racketeering while enforcing CDS laws? The list goes on and on. How many states have family members introducing legislation to get other family members raises, all of whom happen to be elected officials? How many states do NOT recognize the constitutions of their own state and the constitution of the US? How many laws have Maryland Legislators passed that are in violation of the 14th Amendment? Well, I don’t know exactly how many states fit this criteria, but I know Maryland has done ALL these things…….


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