Havre de Grace Middle School Students Create Educational Video about Flushable Items

From the City of Havre de Grace:

This week the City of Havre de Grace released a new public service video as part of a lager outreach campaign to illustrate the negative impact FOG and products labeled “flushable” have on the city’s infrastructure.

The video created by students from Havre de Grace Middle School explains only human waste, and toilet paper are acceptable items to put down drains and toilets. Unacceptable items include but are not limited to fats, oils, grease, and so called “flushable” products.

“When disposed of incorrectly, fats, oils, grease, and “flushable” wipes create serious problems for our city’s pipes and sewage system,” stated Mayor William T. Martin. “We are grateful this group of talented students and faculty from Havre de Grace Middle took the incentive and created this important public service video.”

The following Havre de Grace Middle School students & teacher were involved in making the video: Mrs. Laurie Starkey, Nick Bowers, Lillianna Breeden, Alex Coutts, Riley Grochowski, Bethany Lingenfelter, and Jonah Olsen.

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