Shopping Center and 54 Apartments Proposed in Rock Spring

From Friends of Harford:

Development Advisory Committee Meeting
Meeting Time: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 9:00am

Meeting Place: 220 South Main Street, Belair MD- First Floor Conference Room


Rock Spring Station Located on the west side of Rock Spring Road (Route 24); south of East West Highway (Route 23).Tax Map 40. Parcel 48. Third Election District. Council District C.


Plan No. S327-2017 Mixed Use Center (Retail & 54 Apartments)/5.38 acres/B2.
Received 03-21-17 2000 Rock Spring Road LLC/Osprey Property Company, LLC/FWA.



  1. Carol says

    The Housing is being built for section 8 with disabilities. What happens if there aren’t enough people who qualify? Will they rent to straight section 8?

        • RODNEY says

          Plenty of well to do peeps getting in trouble with the law and not paying they taxes and shit.

          Yooo.. lol. Just go visit an opioid treatment facility, maybe you’ll see your neighbor getting their daily detox.

          • Something fishy going on here says

            It’s kind of funny.
            If Andy Harris wants to protect livelihoods by rejecting some fish protection put in place by the money grant hungry weather people, these Gawker Media rejects crap all over him. But the notion of allowing someone a chance to possibly live and work in a better world is totally reprehensible to most of these same people. Maybe the new tenants need to grow gills.

  2. Yup says

    Wow. Gotta fill every last bit of open space, don’t ya?! So they’re gonna sandwich this in between the Kohl’s, Forest Lakes Elementary & playing fields, and the APG credit union? Oh, and the roadway is only 1 lane in both directions. Great.

  3. Yup says

    Even better. The public meeting time is 9:00 on a Wednesday morning. I’m sure my boss, as well as many other’s will allow their employees to take time to attend! What a joke.

  4. Ron Rico says

    This is a great fit for Harford County if in fact these apts are Section 8. Lets get some Section 8 in Jarrettsville, Fallston.

  5. Mosby current avg: .949. Why don't Frosh sue her? says

    Maybe the place will be the overflow jail/halfway house for all the people arrested in B’more for illegal guns.

  6. Where do we park says

    54 Apartments. The problem is a family of three turns into 15. The 15 extras are there all the time and the original renter calls them visitors.

    • RODNEY says

      Right, because that never happens in middle class neighborhoods with +$300,000 dollar houses.

      Got dayum you people make me laugh. Yooo , my property values, not in my backyard. Lol

      Yoo, all us dark people need to stay below I95, amirite? Right.

      • Huh? says

        Well, property values are important. Especially when people take their own, hard earned money and invest in a home. It is an investment and a life choice. They pick the area they hope to stay in, perhaps raise a family.

        Then, out of the blue, the government and their social engineering gets involved. Making decisions that can adversely impact property values and the community at large. Sure, it could be a good thing, maybe not.

        The question is , “why?” Why do we need these apartments? We don’t. Some planner has figured out this is the best way for them to get the most value out of this sliver of real estate, community be darned.

        • RODNEY says

          Yo…. A home is not an “investment.” It’s a place to live. I know a lot of middle class middle aged gomers love to think everything they buy is some lucrative business opportunity but it’s not.

          Any real estate person worth anything should be honest with you about that.

          Pick your place to live carefully.. lol you know, to make sure Earl the farmer next door can’t sell his farm to a strip mall developer if that somehow makes you hot and bothered.


          Why? Because people are going to live there.

          • Money Won't Fix It says

            An investment isn’t necessarily a “lucrative business opportunity.” For example, you invest your time writing stupid sh!t on the Dagger. Clearly, you are not doing that as a retirement strategy. However, judging from your logic, you may be–I don’t know (or care).

            A home is an investment. It requires a significant amount to money, and work, to continue paying a mortgage. It requires time and more money for upkeep. 30 years down the road, it should be worth more than when it was purchased. Period.

          • RODNEY says

            Yooo.. Mr Money Bags.

            A home is not an investment. It’s a place to live.

            It may be worth more money than previously purchased decades ago but you will not be “making” money on it. Taxes, utilities, upkeep.

            Anyway, what are you going with all that money when. Ya retire? Lol.

            Lots of my co workers brag about they money. Finding their grand kids addiction problems.

          • I'm afraid of Americans says

            A home is an investment, but not necessarily one that makes the owner any money. If you bought a house before 2000 you’re probably doing okay but, after that the criminal bankers and real estate companies conspired to break it off in the home buyers afterwards.

          • Just the facts says

            If you think a home is an investment add up what you paid out of pocket at settlement plus 360 monthly payments along with the new carpets kitchen roofs water heaters you bought over the years. A house is an investment for a mortgage lender if the money was in buying the house that;’s what they would do.

            This doesn’t take into account the people who move every 10 years or the morons that perpetually refinance that’s a real bunch of financial idiots.

          • RODNEY says



            I’ve been trying to explain it. These people do too much dope, and it’s not surprising.

            I got a few friends who own a second house and rent.

            These slumlords make no money either becuz once their renters stop paying and trash the place these fools spend all their lucrative investment money into fixing the place back up. Spending hours on the phone with utility company trying to explain their renters turned the heat up, left the windows open and just left never to be heard from again.

            Lol. Morons

          • Wise Old Guy says

            And where does the government get the money to provide all of these “subsidies”? From the taxpayers that bust their asses working for 40 to 50 years so they can “retire in comfort” (a real joke!). In the meantime, they are paying taxes through the nose. It’s just another way for the Socialist government to control every facet of everyone’s lives. They’ve been doing it for many, many decades with all of their “political correctness” (brain-washing) plans. Now, we have a bunch of “snowflakes” protesting everything they are told to protest and they don’t even know why they are protesting! Sorry, got off track…….I vote NO to anymore Section 8 housing in Harford County, or anyplace else, for that matter. Get a job and work for what you need and pay for it yourself, like so many of us have done for our entire lives!

        • Harford Resident says

          ” It requires time and more money for upkeep. 30 years down the road, it should be worth more than when it was purchased. Period. ”

          My mother owned her house for 47 years at which point she sold and made lots of money on it? Why? Not only price appreciation, but also she and my dad lived very frugally and paid it off long ago, and never took out a second mortgage.

          • Roy G. Biv says

            What’s that goal with that money? Richest person in the Cemetary?

            I mean, it’s great to pass it off to their grand kids. They’re probably just going to buy opioids with it.


          • Mosby in the evidence planting game. How come Frosh not suing her? says

            In 1970, 17 cents could buy what one dollar buys today. After taxes, maintenance, incidental, etc., costs, did she really make “lots of money”?

          • Harford Resident says

            “I mean, it’s great to pass it off to their grand kids. They’re probably just going to buy opioids with it.”

            Wrong – the grandkids don’t live in Ceciltucky.

          • call them like you post them says

            or worse they could live in Harford County home of JWB – oops sorry

      • Show me says

        Show me one neighborhood in this country that has gotten better aesthetically or financially when section 8 gets a foot hold. Just one.

        • Wise Old Guy says

          That’s an easy question to answer………”ZERO…..NONE…..NADA”. For those that don’t believe it, take a ride through some of those areas and see for yourself. Be sure to keep your doors locked and prepare yourself for some of the foulest language you will ever hear directed at you. I agree that not all of those residents react that way, but there is a bunch that do. Who knows, you might even get to “meet” a gang member while on your tour.

  7. Huh? says

    Does anyone have any knowledge on the type of apartments? Are they apartments (i.e. rentals) or condos (i.e., homeowners)?

    If they are rentals, are they Section 8? If so, is it the type of Section 8 that attracts criminals?

    How is this going to impact traffic?

    • Carol says

      Section 8. These people are disabled and working, making $50,000 – $65,000 a year. Most probably from Harford County. They are not monsters or drug dealers, probably deserving of a descent place to live.

      • No Thanks says

        Wait. They make $50-65,000/year and need government assistance??? How about instead of the government subsidizing their housing, we send them to a financial management class so they learn how to handle their money! No way someone shouldn’t be able to afford a place to live at that amount of income.

        What, is where they can afford to live not where they want to live? So the government (using tax payer money…against the will of said taxpayers) forces them in to communities they cannot afford to live, driving down property values for everyone? Socialists want to engineer our communities to their “vision.” What a load of BS.

        Another thing that we can thank Obama for.

      • KE says

        No way that someone making over $50K is Section 8. That is absurd. A family of five with total income of $60K doesn’t qualify for government benefits…nor do they need them as they know how to budget their money. Ridiculous.

  8. Jay says

    Lets hope it’s not section 8 !! Then it’ll be filled with lazy worthless societal leeches whining about some fantasy “right” they have to all the things decent people work for.

  9. Fannie says

    If you are dumping your time and money into a house you purchased, it is an investment. It may not make a lot of money in the end, but it is an investment.

      • Wise Old Guy says

        From Webster’s Dictionary: in-vest-ment (investment) n. the act of investing, esp. of money // something invested, esp. money // something in which money is invested, a new tractor would be a good investment //
        So, if you buy a farm tractor or a house, you’re definitely “investing” your money with the expectation of of a return in the end.
        If you don’t believe it, call any real estate attorney, realtor, LLC companies that “invest” in real estate.

        • RODNEY says

          Yooo pops. You got Alzheimer’s? Lol

          You’re never getting any of the money you put into your home back.

          You may list it for sale at an inflated price, but 20-30 years of home ownership. You’re not getting much money back.

          Shoot. You must be doing some good dope to just forget about a theTaxes estate attorney fees, real estate agent fee (if you choose to use one) just at settlement.

          Good luck bragging to all your buddies about resale value at everything you buy. Lol

        • RODNEY says

          “If you don’t believe it, call any real estate attorney, realtor, LLC companies that “invest” in real estate.”


          Yo, come on pops. I know you’re smarter than that.

          Those people make they money off real estate transactions.

          You buy a home to live in.

        • kay says

          Interesting old guy that’s not the definition one gets when gppgled in merriumwebster. The one definition you do get is

          the act of putting out money in order to gain a profit

          Do you write news for Fox in your spare time too? LOL

  10. Clay says

    Sandwiched between the Forest Hill Recreation complex/fields and Route 24. I can see some major problems arising. So much for feeling safe with your kids using the complex.

  11. Want to STOP this? says

    Everyone needs to post this article to Facebook & clearly state, “Forest Lakes Get Angry! Anyone living in Harford County please: (1) Share on FB; (2) E-mail/Call/or better visit your local County Council & tell them-> We don’t want this.

    Regardless of what they say or even if it’s not the right councilman- or if you miss the hearing- if enough folks contact them & are mad- and preferable show up to council meetings.. trust me- it will all come to a hard stop.

    • Carol says

      This property was zoned for this a long time ago. The people targeted to live here are working Harford County citizens and deserving of decent housing. Certainly- contact your council people and let them know you are paying attention. None of our Council Representatives live in Forest Hill. Maybe we need to be represented by someone who live in Forest Hill.

      • No Thanks says

        This is low income housing. These does not fit with the existing community. This is government forced social engineering at it’s finest…via building grants and subsidized rent.

        • RODNEY says


          “These does not fit with the existing community.”

          Just type out what you really want to say. Lol.

          Keep people like me on Route 40. Amirite? Yo. “You don’t belong here” amirite again? Lol.

          • Rodney is right says

            They know what they can’t say, Rodney: “We’re progressive, helpful folks up here BUT, if you’re not blond, wear yoga pants, and lease your BMW 320i, we don’t want you here devaluing our investments”.

        • cyniskeptic says

          So what. If it’s good enough for Edgewood it’s good enough for Forest Hill. BelAir is already infected with the subsidy malaise. Remember Obama’s HUD divided the country into ‘grids’ so that subsidized housing would be evenly distributed. Just sit back and watch your neighborhood go to hell.

  12. William Munny says

    Joe Snee is the guy behind this mess. Joe is the puppeteer for most of the council members including “smiling Baaaary Glassman”
    This is the man that has been destroying Harford County for many years. As long as you keep voting For Dirty Dick Slutsky and his Merry band of thieves this is the crap sandwhich you will be forced to eat.

  13. William Munny says

    The third project, called Rock Spring Station, is a mixed use building planned on a lot between Kohl’s and the development on the former Santander site, according to Joseph Snee, a Bel Air based lawyer who represents the developer, Rock Spring Station LLP, part of Osprey Development in Annapolis.

    And I promise this is not the last low income housing project he is trying to Ram down the throats of the good people of North Harford. There are two other properties by Osprey with the same garbage. AND YES everyone’s pal Chad Shrodes knows full well what is going on but as long as his family is being taken care of he doesn’t care. WAKE UP VOTERS!

    There are some other behind the scenes players too but plenty in Harford know what’s up…including your elected officials.

  14. Roger Halls says

    This is the crap that has been going on in the county a long, long time. Developers in the politicians’ pockets. Nothing new to see here. Develop until there is nothing left to develop, then on to the next place.

    We have jokes like Shrodes in the council, who claim to be for our community. He is from the community. He is a rural guy. Well guess what. When it comes time to put the rubber to the road, he’s a money guy. Developers pay the bills, not farm fields. So under the bus we all go. Just like all the other jokers we’ve had in the council, year after year. As long as the development doesn’t get up near him, keep on building.

    Don’t worry. Mark my words, in the very near future you’ll be hearing about a project to make four lanes from 23 to Bynum/Red Pump Road.

    • Joe Belair says

      I hope so. Route 24 should be four lanes from the bypass to 23. The land was purchased years ago and it’s long overdue, along with the completion of the bypass to four lanes for the total length.

  15. Neal says

    Is Harford County so popular there are no vacant homes? Can’t we keep some grass and trees? We moved from Abingdon due to the traffic.

    • Jack Haff says

      I’m not really smart, but I wouldnt have moved to Forest Hill to avoid traffic. It’s just as busy in Abingdon.

      Enjoy that bong water.

  16. K. Ellis says

    Let’s all try to be good Christians and follow the Bible’s instruction; to be kind to all people and live a good life and let others live a good life. What are you afraid of Your house could disappear in a split second if your President (Trump) keeps budding with the Russians.

    • Another wise old guy says

      Wow, so ignorant I’ll take President Trump over that loser Obama any day! 8 years of economic malaise and you point the finger at Trump..LOL

      • Just the factsw says

        That damn OBummer sent the stock market plummeting to 8000 and he ruined home values. I can’t wait for Trump to start fixing thing soon this malaise is killing my bank account.

        • SoulCrusher says

          Uh, if my memory serves me correctly, George Bush is the criminal who destroyed the housing market. The “bubble” was of his construction. O’Bama just happened to be in office when it all came crumbling down. You shouldn’t remember things according to the lies and half truths of political propaganda. George Bush is the one who destroyed the housing market…..

  17. Section 8 says

    Snowflakes don’t understand/comprehend investments and personal responsibility. They think the government should take care of everything.

    • Harford Resident says

      It has nothing to do with personal responsibility. I understand that the Government is taking my tax dollars hence they should take care of things for me. If they don’t, what are my taxes paying for?

    • From Russia with Love says

      That’s right comrade the only true patriots support your president. Government should be small and weak not robust and strong. These “snowflakes” as you call them want strong government to protect them from what? Big bad Russian Bogeyman? Ha ha ha! They want government to provide what – healthcare? retirement? public transportation? running water? public education? These ‘snowflakes expect too much! Stay a loyal follower of your President and the Republican Party. Trust me.


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