The Big Q: Should School Start Times be Delayed to Let Teens Get More Sleep?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on Monday called for a delay in middle and high school start times until 8:30 a.m. or later, citing chronic sleep deprivation in teens as a public health problem. According to the AAP statement entitled “Let Them Sleep”: “Studies show that adolescents who don’t get enough sleep often suffer […]

The Big Q: Which Local Independence Day Celebration Do You Attend and Why?

It’s Independence Day in America, which means a day full of flags, fun, and fireworks…with slight variations depending on which of several Harford County celebrations you may attend. The Darlington celebration was up first (June 28), with an old fashioned parade through the village and fireworks on a bucolic hillside in Francis Silver Park, where […]

Feel The Love


The Dagger was offline this past weekend, quite literally at a wedding and a funeral. For everyone who’s still with us, a word of note: We received angry, angry emails from The Aegis and The Examiner over the past few days. The Examiner editor reminded us that he’s worked for The New York Times, etc., […]

An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse?


Speaking of benefactors, could The Aegis newspaper, Harford County’s community newspaper of record, have been helping the cause of an Aberdeen annexation opposition group behind the scenes last year? More disturbing details from the testimony of a member of the annexation opposition, as part of the lawsuit that group filed against the City of Aberdeen, […]

Candidate Zero’s condition upgraded to Candidate Maybe (update)


Forced to keep quiet before the court of public opinion during last week’s Aberdeen candidate forum, Steve Johnson will get a chance to speak out today (Monday) in a much more official court when he makes his plea to be certified as a candidate for city council in the Nov. 6 election. Johnson, chairman of […]

Former Aberdeen police corporal-turned-council candidate challenges mayor’s “law enforcement strategy”

Rick & Fred

By Rick Denu (candidate for Aberdeen City Council) The “Aberdeen Model” isn’t a Model at all! The Aberdeen Mayor claims to have a “model law enforcement strategy”, which was only placed on paper weeks ago, that eliminates crime and now he wants to impose that ridiculous notion outside City limits; has crime been eliminated […]


Dagger: The double-edged blade. We have built and launched this blog as an experiment, and test case for what might happen when we distill years of conversation into published material. It is our hope not to fire missives from the distance, but to get up close to each subject; so close that we might twist […]