Former 98 Rock DJ “Stash” Sentenced to Six Months at Harford County Detention Center for DUI Crash

Former 98 Rock radio DJ Stephen “Stash” Smith of Bel Air was sentenced Monday to serve six months at the Harford County Detention Center after pleading guilty to a DUI charge in connection with an Abingdon crash which injured five people in July.

Smith’s sentence came at a hearing in Harford County Circuit Court on his 49th birthday, according to court records. He was sentenced to one year with six months suspended, and three years of supervised probation, Harford County State’s Attorney Joe Cassilly said.

Smith’s employment with 98 Rock and its AM companion, WBAL 1090 AM, ended several days after charges were filed in the July 22 crash. Program manager Dave Hill said at the time that the Smith and the stations “parted ways,” and did not specify whether Smith had been fired.

According to Maryland State Police, Smith’s 2006 Nissan Quest was northbound on Route 24 at “an apparent high rate of speed” when state police said it struck the rear of a 2011 Hyundai which was stopped at a red light, pushing it forward into the rear of a 2009 Nissan SUV also stopped at the light. Smith then traveled through the intersection and an additional 300 feet north of the collision scene.

The driver of the Hyundai, Heather Manto, 34, of Bel Air and her four passengers, Todd Fisher, 30, of York, Pa., Joshua Stavrakoglou, 28, of Baltimore, Joshua Cowan, 32, also of Baltimore, and Harvey Dail, 29, of Abingdon were all transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, where they were treated and later and released.

The driver of the 2009 Nissan Suv, Clinton Cottrell Sr., 48, and his passenger, Katherine Cottrell, 47, both of Bel Air, were not injured.

One of those injured in the crash told The Dagger that Smith was seen throwing cans from his vehicle following the crash, a claim Cassilly repeated Monday.

Smith had a history of driving offenses, including a previous drunk driving charge and several speeding citations. He had attended a “Biker Bash” event sponsored by 98 Rock at Cancun Cantina in Hanover earlier that day, according to social media postings.


  1. Concerned Teacher says

    I hope he has either already been through rehab or can do it concurrently with his prison sentence. Hopefully he can get his life back together.

    • Brando says

      Was just released from HCDC yesterday, where I was serving 90 days for driving on suspended (my stupid fault) and did my time with Stash. He’s quite the personality, He’s a good guy, with good family & friends. He made a mistake and has hopefully learned his leason. NOBODY should rot in jail. He’s committed to his “sobriety” & will hopefully continue to do so when released. I wish Stash good luck in all his ventures upon his release. I personally look forward to reading his autobiography tentively titled “Rock & Rock Addiction”

    • Kharn says

      Those are 22oz cans at 9% alcohol from what I remember. Regular beer is around 4.5% (depending on the specific brand), so you’re talking the equivalent of almost four beers per can of Four Loko. Its definitely not safe to drive if you’ve had more than one unless you slept a few hours in the parking lot.

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • resonable says

      You’re kinda heartless saying he can rot in jail…. considering he has a family of five and a severely autistic son. he drank four loko becuase of stress, not saying its right but he learned his fucking lesson and now hes in jail and his family will probably have to move out and be broke. hope you rot in jail you scumbag.

      • ALEX R says

        Yes, a little harsh but this is a repeat offender and other people were injured. Repeat offender takes away whatever sympathy I might have had for him the first time. He needs to do the time, thank God it isn’t more time because I can tell you it would have been much more had I been the judge, and then he needs to never get behind the wheel again. Drinking and driving is a choice.

      • Joppatowne Resident says

        Heartless?? Really?? Thank GOD he didn’t kill someone with his STUPID ASS mistake!! So, do you think he shouldn’t get punished?? I don’t think 6 months in jail is long enough for a repeat offender that injured someone because he was dumb enough, yet again!, to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle drunk!!

  2. Jennifer Williams says

    It sounds like he got off easy. A serious accident, no insurance? People with just a regular DWI and no other charges get more of a punishment. Please stay off of our roads!

  3. Anne says

    His wife posted this last night on Facebook—Prayers sent…

    Steve Ash
    8 hours ago
    Hey everybody, this is Trish, Stash’s wife. This is embarassing and I know I will receive hate from some people for this, but our family is going through a horrible time right now. I know Stash is no hero and what he did was horrible but our family didn’t ask for this to happen and my children don’t deserve to have to deal with what they’re going through. As a mother, it’s my first priority to provide for my kids and right now I can honestly say I can barely even do that. I’m dealing with Stash being in jail, along with our severely autistic son, Jesse being hospitalized due to behavior problems. I’m doing as much as I can for work, but I can only do so much. I’m sure Stash has done a favor for some of you or has given you a laugh, played your favorite song for you, provided you with concert tickets, or anything. But right now, I’m just asking for a favor back not for him, but for his kids. If anyone could help financially, my email is and I can talk to you from then on. Stash is doing okay, but right now my children are my everything and if we can hardly provide for them on a week to week basis. Please say a prayer for us, thank you.

    • Brandon says

      Hi my name is Brandon, I was just released Monday from HCDC where I was serving 90 days (driving on suspended) I was housed there with your husband Steve. He’s a good guy and I wish you & your family all the luck in the world. I hope his modification is approved and he’s released sooner than his original sentence. Ive read some of the nasty comments from people who are just ” mean” natured and posting comments on other people’s misfortunes makes them feel better about themselves. Especially “personalities” who jus happen to live their lives in the public’s eyes or ears. Please don’t take any of that crap to heart. Tell Stash to Keep his head up, things WILL work out.

      Again all the luck in the world upon his release, your in our thoughts and prayers.

      Brandon & Kim

      PS: looking forward to hearing him on the radio again soon!

  4. Stillwell says

    Well Stash did a very bad thing driving while drunk and causing an accident. Yes he did.

    Now for all those who wanted him to suffer, looks as though he and his family are suffering mightily.

    But let’s all feel better about ourselves and continue to pile on the bash Stash bandwagon.

    If you do imbibe wine, mixed drinks or beer and have driven a motor vehicle afterward, you’ve likely driven impaired as well, you didn’t get caught.

    Stash was horribly wrong for driving drunk and now he will suffer for it.

  5. Gail says

    Stash and I go back a long time. I hope he is getting the help he needs. I hate to see this happen to anyone. Luckily no one was seriously injured. He is a great guy and his family needs all the support they can get. The don’t need your negative remarks. It’s going to be really hard for them and I wish them all well.

  6. Gail says

    Stash and I go back a long time. I hope he is getting the help he needs. I hate to see this happen to anyone. Luckily no one was seriously injured. He is a great guy and his family needs all the support they can get. The don’t need your negative remarks. It’s going to be really hard for them and I wish them all well.

  7. Lucy Babie says

    If he worked for 98 rock for 24 years he should definitely have some money put away. I’m sure he was paid very well. I happen to know that he said he learned his lesson last time when he almost died from an accident when he was high. I know him and he is entitled and cocky and thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He’s sorry now. The jails are full
    of people who say they are sorry and learned their lesson. If you talk to them they probably come across as decent too. He’s a jerk -I feel sorry for his wife but there are plenty of single Mom’s out there -Many of them have spouse’s in jail,or thy are widowed. She married the idiot-had 5 kids by him- I’m sure she knew after the first child that she was married to a jerk. Blaming his problems on his handicapped child proves that he is a jerk. If he was working his program and really committed to his sobriety he would know that what happened to him was his fault. He makes bad choices over and over again and its always someone else’s fault. He’s had more chances than most people. He finally got what he deserved.

  8. Mindy says

    Heard stash is obnoxious in jail, know someone there, he lashes out at meetings.
    He thinks he is gods gift. Wife asking for money is just uncalled for, he made good money.
    He need rehab after jail.

  9. Ron Columbus says

    Mindy you’re an idiot. Spouting some crap you “heard” from another inmate makes you full of s***. You don’t know anything at all and your comments are WORTHLESS and liable. Jails are full of liars and just stick to the one YOU know. Judge and you’ll be judged by the same measure.