Paramore: “For the First Time in My Middle-Aged Life, the Possible Election of a Republican Candidate — This Republican — Actually Scares Me”

From Mary Paramore: My oldest son turned 18 just in time to vote in the primaries. He was a Bernie fan. Proud mama snuck a photo of him casting his first vote, one shaped by social media and youthful idealism. Fired up about his first adult act (Okay, second. Legally buying cigarettes was first on […]

Pasquetta McGrady: “I Want to Pass a Better USA on to My Grandchildren. Trump is Not Perfect…But You Know Where He Stands on Most Issues”

From Pasquetta M. McGrady: To The Editor: I am voting for Trump/Pence for President and Vice President of Our Great USA for many of the following reasons; The eight years of the Obama administration greatly raised poverty levels in all areas urban, suburban and rural. Taxes raised to pay for roads, health care, security (read:military) […]

Sen. Cassilly: “A Felon’s Vote Must be Considered as Secondary to Our Collective Interest in the Survival of the Republic”

From State Sen. Bob Cassilly: Dear Friends and Neighbors: Below is a copy of words I delivered on the Senate floor today as the Senate voted to override Gov. Hogan’s veto of legislation passed last year, which I opposed as well, that restores voting rights to felons before completing their full sentences through parole or […]

Election Integrity Maryland Sounds the Alarm on Non-Citizen Voting; Seeks Prosecution in Cases of Possible Voter Fraud

From Election Integrity Maryland: Submits specific details on non-citizens that cast votes in Frederick County, Maryland to the State Board of Elections for follow-up, prosecution Election Integrity Maryland announces today that it is continuing to fight non-citizen voting and asks for follow-up and action by local authorities. Non-citizen voting poses a critical threat to free […]

Harris Applauds House Vote Against D.C. Marijuana Decriminalization

From the office of Congressman Andy Harris: Washington, D.C. – With the passage of the Financial Services Appropriations bill, the House of Representatives kept intact Congressman Andy Harris’ provision against the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in the District of Columbia. This provision, which passed with unanimous Republican support in committee last month, would seek […]